Connecting the previous article about the explain PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), the PLC not only has deficiency. The use of PLC in everyday life and in the industry has become a necessity, especially for replacing the wiring system (wiring) which is still used in the previous system. The users began to shift attention to the PLC because a lot of advantages and benefits offered by the system can be programmed to retrieve it. The advantages and benefits include:
  1. Flexible
    In the past, the use of the control system requires a lot of processing systems for each device only. For example if there are five engines then it takes five controllers. It is now solved by using PLC. Simply using a PLC course, a lot of devices that can be run with each program. Wiring system beginning to be addressed and reduced, the fewer wires used and ringkat / simple. No need much space to put it.
  2. The price Cheaper
    If we look back to the side of flexibility must already be an answer, where prices are issued much less (cost) when compared with the previous system. When the old system (relay) still use costly wiring, PLC offers simple wiring. Wiring can be done with large numbers only with a PLC, for PLC include relays, timers, counters, sequencer, and some functions that can be customized according to the needs.
  3. The number of contacts Many
    The number of contacts who owned a PLC provides a lot of convenience to users. Not only in financial terms, but also the installation. It would be much simpler and easier when compared with the relay. For example, the PLC-5, an Allen Bradley PLC output with minimal contact number of contacts 16-32, while the relay contacts 4-8 provide a contact number.
  4. Can Do Programming, Reprogramming and Correction with Ease
    PLC has advantages where the system can be reprogrammed quickly, bercampurpun production process can be completed quickly. Even when the system is running. If one of the systems will be changed or corrected, pengubahannya only performed on the program contained in the computer, with a relatively short time, after which it is downloaded to the PLC. If the relay, the necessary changes to the cabling, the time will be very long and risky and should turn off the running system.
  5. Easy Programming Methods and Miscellaneous
    Many methods to create a program in the PLC. As described in the PLC programming, mentioned that there are many methods offered to create a program on the PLC, among Ladder Logic Diagram, Function Block Diagram Mneumonic and. Every programmer can make your choice the method according to the needs and abilities.
  6. Simplify Control System Components
    In the PLC also include timers, counters, relays and other components, so it no longer requires such components as an extra. Use of relay requires counters, timers or other components for enhancements.
  7. Security Secured
    When viewed from the side of safety, PLC relatively safe remarkable device, in terms of documentation, tools, and matters concerning the program. PLC has a locking system (lock), thereby reducing and could avoid their pecurian in any form.
  8. Existence and the Data Record Interface Enables Users
    PLC is designed to be able to store the data required in accordance with the needs and programs. Facilitated through an interface that can display the process, as well as the comparison of data into a computer device (PC) connected to the PLC.
  9. Recent System with Wireless\
    The latest system of PLC by offering wireless systems and can be accessed by the user to easily and remotely. There must come into the office or a special room.
  10. Upgrade Systems and Components Faster
    Users can Adds the components of control at any time and without requiring a large labor costs as well as in a conventional controller (relay). Facilitated also by the components provided in the form of a module package, the installation can be done quickly and easily.

Besides the advantages of the PLC, the PLC was not free from deficiency. Any deficiency of PLC?

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