Modem is an abbreviation of Modulator Demodulator. Modulator is the part that serves to transform the information signal into a carrier signal or carrier and ready to be delivered, while the demodulator is the part that separates the information signal from the received signal carrier which further information can be received well. Modem is a merger of two such tools which means the modem is a two-way communication tool. Each remote communication devices in general use 2-way section called "modem", such as Microwave Radio and so on, but in general terms is known as a modem hardware used for communication purposes on the computer.

Data coming from a computer in the form of a digital signal is provided to the modem in order to be converted into an analog signal, when the external modem receives data in the form of an analog signal, the modem will turn them into digital signals that can be processed for further by a computer. Analog signals can be sent using a variety of telecommunications media such as radio, telephone. On arrival at the destination modem, the last analogue signals are converted into digital signals and sent to the computer. There are two types of modems are physical, ie an external modem and an internal modem.

Modem Functions
At the core functions of the modem is a hardware or hardware that has a function for 2-way communication that can convert digital signals into analog signals or vice versa in order to send a message or data to the addressee. To add your insights about internet network, you can also read the article explain what is router. The computer sends the information from the form of digital signals. But information over the telephone lines to be transmitted in the form of analog signals. To overcome these problems, the modem can be used to convert digital signals to analog signals. Analog signals are carried through the telephone line. When the signal reaches to another computer, the analog signal is converted back into digital form by modem. Here the modem function.
1. Changing from digital signals into analog signals or vice versa
2. Connect the device in a network P
3. Performsmodulation and demodulation
4. Communication and examination of data packets
5. Compressing data is sent through the signal

Types of Modem
1. ISDN Modem
2. GSM Modem
3. Analog Modem
4. ADSL Modem
5. Cable Modem
6. CDMA modem

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