Many Bloggers who do not understand and understand from this understanding, maybe everyday just hear the words blogs, bloggers, blogging, blogspot, and just hear it without knowing what it really is. Therefore to add your insights about Blogger please you can listen to articles on Understanding Blog, Blogger, Blogging, and Blogspot below :

Definition or Understanding Blog
Blog is an abbreviation of "Web Log" is a web application in the form of writings or pictures commonly referred to as a post or posting in a general website pages such as blogs. These writings are often loaded in reverse order, usually new content first and then followed by longer content, though not always like this. Websites like this blog are usually accessible to all Internet users in accordance with the topic or destination that is being searched by visitors or visitors of search engines.

Definition or Understanding Blogger
Blogger is an Internet medium that provides a personal note that can be viewed by all Internet users and become a medium for sharing information easily and for free. In addition blogger is a bond that is formed from the bloggers based on certain similarities, for example: regional similarities, school similarity, similarity of hobbies, and other similarities. To be able to join a blogger community there is usually a certain requirement for example come from a certain region. And this blogger can mean people who like to write articles on blogs.

Definition or Understanding Blogging
Blogging is a way we communicate an idea of ​​our thoughts or ideas, then pour it into a blog to get an article or post. How big is our ability to communicate will determine the success and kepopularitasan in a blogging. Usually beginner bloggers do blogging activities by filling out a guestbook, they save or paste a link to their blog each and expect a visit to their blog, or by way of commenting to get a comment back in one article. This method is very effective and relevant to be done by a beginner blogger who do not have kepopularitasan respectively.

Definition or Understanding Blogspot
Blogspot is a free service to create a blog which is one of the products from Google. By using a blogspot you can create a blog to write or pour your idea to make your blog more popular, in addition you can earn money from the results of your blog. So let's take advantage of Google's free service for money and expression in the Internet.

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