We often hear the word or talk of blogs, or maybe even now you are blogging?
Then, What is a blog?

Understanding the Blog
Blog is a web application that can be accessed through the data network on the internet which contains information contained in articles and articles where previously been created and published. Someone accessing a blog is usually someone who is looking for a particular topic or information. The form and framework of presentation of information and style of language on this blog is free by the manager of the blog.

    This blog was founded by Evan Williams & Meg Hourihan who also founded "Pyra Labs", Pyra is the title of the famous Blogger as it is today. In the acquisition by Google in late 2002 and became popular and known until now with the name Blogger.com.

    Until now there is a blogger community, where this community is a container to collect and join based on common goals in creating blogs. This community can be online and can also meet offline.

Term In Blog World
Blogging / Blogging
Blogging is an activity for creating articles and then submitting them to articles that are easily accessible and readable by internet users and information seekers from anywhere.

Blogwalking is an activity to visit blogs that exist on the internet with various purposes, blogwalking activity is marked by leaving a comment that also has various uses.

Although rarely heard it, problogger is someone who is already professional in the blog world and hang his life to his blog.

Destination People Create Blog
Provide information to the public
As a hobby dealer
As a media campaign
Want to get income

Blog Type
Personal blog: is a blog that contains about experiences, opinions of others and so on.
Business blog: blog contains product selling or as media promotion or product or service review.
Travel Blog : is a blog containing travel stories or reviews of suitable places as vacation destinations. Health blog: a blog containing a medical explanation of a disease or problem that is common or complained of by the patient.
Spam Blog : blogs that only contain affiliate programs only.
Blog cooking, computers, music etc.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Having a Blog
Blog Advantages
It can provide both material and non material benefits, material benefits such as income through advertising programs and non-material benefits such as satisfaction and pride.

Blog Disadvantages
Abuse by others with information in it.

Blogs should present quality content and rich information, a good blog is a blog that has a lot of information in it. For those who want to build a good blog can not be done a blink of an eye and requires perseverance and patience.

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