Among us certainly there who do not know the branches of geography. This article will discuss about the branches geography. Geography can be classified into three branches as follows:
  1. Physical Geography
    Study the earth's surface physical symptoms which include land, water, air with all the process.
  2. Human Geography
    Studying the spatial aspect of symptoms in the surface of the earth with humans as the main object. Included is a notch aspects and human activities, namely economic activities, political, social, and cultural.
    Human geography subdivided into several branches as follows:
    • Population Geography
      Object of study is the spatial aspect of the population that includes deployment, density, sex ratio and comparison of man with a land area.
    • Economic Geography
      Object of study is the spatial structure of human economic activities, including agriculture, industry, trade, transport, and communications.
      Economic geography can be divided into agricultural geography, industrial geography, geography of trade, transport and communication geography.
    • Political Geography
      Object of study is the spatial aspect of government or a state that includes regional and international relations in the state administration or the earth's surface.
    • Settlemen Geography
      Object of his studies of residential developments in an area of ​​the earth's surface, the pattern shape of the earth's surface, the geographical factors that influence the development and settlement patterns.
      The geography is closely related to the history and economy of a region.
    • Social geography
      Object of study is the characteristics of the population, social organization, elements of culture, and society in space (a) specific.
  3. Regional Geography
    Is a science that explains the human relationship with the environment in the region. Regional geography study various human spread of the specified areas, both local and continental.

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