Sure some of us wonder about the term movies quality that often appears when downloading a movie. The following reviews video quality that often we enjoy:

1. BRRip / Bluray
BRRip Bluray is another term for the result of the rip bluray so the quality is the same. BRRip the highest quality type of movie sharing this time. Available resolutions for typically BRRip 720p and 1080p. The higher the resolution, the more clear image quality. However, the higher the resolution will require a high specification computer as well, if not there will be lag or broken when the movie is played.

This quality is slightly below the quality BRRip or can be said to be equivalent. Usually the quality of the WEB-DL will appear before the quality of BRRip appear. Source Web-DL is usually downloaded from the iTunes Store or other sites that provide TV broadcast through the Internet. Resolution typically are 720p and 1080p.

3. HDRip and HDTV
Both of these qualities is very worth watching. The quality of picture and sound is quite good and the size is not too large. Rip HDTV is the result of the TV in HD so the picture and audio are very nice.

4. PPV (Pay Per View)
The quality is pretty good, is produced from a connected television screen or recorded to a PVR or DVD recorder.

5. DVDRip
This quality is a copy of the original DVD. The quality of picture and sound is also quite good although far from BRRip quality but much smaller in size.

6. DVDScr
This quality in the category of red or less good quality.

7. R6 and or WEBRip
Just as the quality DVDScr even this is still entered in the quality of red. For this quality usually found hardsub (subtitle) korea, china, russia, or any other language that is quite disturbing when viewed, the video quality is pretty good, but sometimes the audio quality is not good.

8. TS (Telesync)
Quality is slightly better than CAM. In addition there are often HDTS the quality of which is improving the quality of TS with better resolution / high.

9. CAM
This quality can be said to be the worst quality of movie sharing. This quality is the result of a digital camera footage taken directly in the cinema so that sometimes the audience passing come recorded. The recording quality is usually using a mini tripod, so often there is a bit of a shock. In addition there is also the quality of HDCAM CAM is the quality of the CAM with a better resolution / high.

# If there are errors in the above explanation, simply to be corrected for shared knowledge.

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