The world has changed, technological advances and smartphones are the main cause. Technology does make our lives easier, but it also becomes a bit less interesting in some ways. Smartphones that we have already equipped with various features and advanced applications meet our daily needs.

Past Feature HAndphone
We repeat the past, for nostalgia. Here are some of the features in mobile phones of the past who remembered:

1. Removable Batteries
Once if the phone has started slow or hank is usually one of the easiest way is to remove the battery. If the battery is damaged, we are also so easy to replace the battery.

2. Physical Keyboard
Physical keyboard ever triumphed, precisely when switching feature phone with alphanumeric to smartphone. However, after the touch screen technology is reliable, precisely the presence of Android and IOS smartphones. Physical keyboard was eventually abandoned.

4. TV application
Still remember not? When the phones with a physical keyboard and have a TV application features. At an alluring price, this Chinese mobile phone is gaining popularity.

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