If you use the medium of satellite radio for advertising correctly, it can be incredibly effective and cost effective. They key point of that statement is "if you use it correctly". Just throwing a message out there without much rhyme or reason to how the message is laid out, could be a costly mistake.

Lets take a look at some ways to make a radio commercial that you intend to air on satellite radio most effective. These are by no means a "guarantee" of results, ultimately that is up to the consumer choosing to have an interest in your product or service. These are some time tested tactics that we've seen work and countless others have seen work when used in conjunction with a product or service in demand at the time.

1. Make an offer that no one can refuse
Make it good enough to entice people who may not have a pressing need for the product or service. This usually involves giving away something for free. You have to give to receive right? Giving something value to a prospective client could pay off big time in return business. Remember "information" can be of value here, so a decent e-book or something of the sort may cut it.

2. Repeat the contact info to the point of it sounding silly to you
When you "review" your commercial for the 14th time, you will likely be thinking "do we really need to have the phone number in there so much. The answer is YES. If you want people to call you they need to catch the number to do so, that means getting it in there a minimum of 3 times, and a max of... well... how ever many times you can fit it in while still getting your message out.

3. Make sure your are on the stations that your customers are listening to
If you are going after a 35 year old female, chances are, blasting your message all over a conservative talk station will not be the most effective approach. Just because a station has "the most" listeners does not mean that they will be the most targeted for your product or service. Look at the type of person who is listening to a station, not the sheer number.

Now that you know the basics of satellite radio advertising, you have some extra ammo to make your campaign a great one!

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