A properly running engine is perhaps one of the most common things we take for granted every day when we get in our car or truck to go to work. We just assume the battery is going to jump start the engine, the starter will fire, the engine will turn over, and will idle properly before we pull out of the garage. If your engine stalls when you put it into drive or first gear, there may be something small or large wrong with the vehicle that requires extra attention from an auto repair professional.

The first step to diagnose an engine idle problem is to determine exactly when the stall occurs. Does it occur while idling? Does it occur when driving? If the engine stall occurs while idling, check all hoses around the engine for any type of broken or cracked vacuum hoses and air intake boots. If there is someone there to help, have them lightly press on the gas pedal while it is in neutral to evaluate for any movement of noise or air leaks that you can hear while the engine slightly revs up.

If the engine stalls while driving, this can be a more complex procedure to evaluate and requires checking fuses and fuse holders as well as plugging in the engine to a computer to scan for trouble codes. A test light is a tool used to check fuse status and should be performed as the first step before anything else. If the fuses test okay, the next step will be to scan for trouble codes. A stalling engine can often trigger trouble codes that are not related to the original problem. In that case, it is important to fix the engine stalling problem first before going on to evaluate and treat other auto repair problems.

However, any auto repair professional will tell you that it is often worth your weight in gold to trust your vehicle with an accredited and acclaimed technician from the start. This will help ensure that the problem is diagnosed properly and that the perfect fix is executed with ease. Many individuals look at the auto repair business as an intimidating process in which they get taken advantage of financially. Instead, arm yourself with this information and get a reliable quote that will give you peace of mind for both the longevity of your vehicle and the status of your bank account.

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