Nowadays, you can go to every corner of the world with a wireless phone that fits in your hand and works the minute you arrive overseas. Whether it is a business trip or a leisure travel, you are assured the best cellular phone rental for the amount of time you need. Cellular phone rental is the cheapest way for the casual traveler to have the latest phone with the full assurance that it works in the country of his destination.

Depending on your requirement, you could have several types of cellular phone rental:

International Cellular Phone Rental
Before having an international cellular phone rental, you'll need to decide if you will have a cellular phone rental in the United States or rent it when you get to your destination country. In addition, you should decide whether you want to have an online cellular phone rental, which offers great prices or have a cellular phone rental at the airport, where you pay extra for the convenience.

International cellular phone rental enables the international business and leisure traveler to stay connected in more than 170 countries throughout the world with just one cellular phone rental. Almost all of the cellular phone rental solutions providers include 24 hour global support, 365 days a year. The portfolio of international cellular phone rental companies includes the most advanced products and services available from leading brands in the industry. Each service is tailored to meet the demanding needs of the frequent business traveler yet convenient and affordable for the leisure traveler simply wishing to stay in touch with the family.

1. Check with your existing cellular company, before you get a cellular phone rental, because your existing US cell phone may work overseas. While most US cell phones do not work abroad, some phones on the GSM standard do.
2. Plan on putting down a security deposit with your credit card, and figure on possibly paying delivery and pick-up charges from $20 to $50. Some cellular phone rental companies provide a postage-paid envelope for you to mail the phone back to them. Other cellular phone rental companies will request that you pick up and drop off your phone at the airport.
3. Compare cellular phone rental rates from different companies, because there may be special calling plans that will save money for incoming phone calls from the United States. Just make sure you compare identical services so you'll know which cellular phone rental company has the best deal.
4. Figure on spending anywhere from $30 to $50 per week or $7 to $8 per day on cellular phone rentals overseas. If you'll be staying a month or more, your cellular phone rental charges will vary from $50 to $150 for each month.
5. Ask your travel agent, your destination hotel concierge in advance, your company travel office, or your contacts in the foreign country. These people will be able to direct you to legitimate cellular phone rental companies.
6. Consider having a cellular phone rental at international airports, because they have kiosks for cellular phone rental. These will be more expensive than renting one locally; however, you may prefer the convenience of picking it up and dropping it off at the airport.
7. Check with different international car rental agencies. You may get a free cellular phone rental or a price that is discounted from retail. Find out all charges associated with your "free" phone in advance.

Consider buying an internationally compatible cell phone if you will be traveling overseas often. You will wind up saving considerable money by doing this as compared to having an overseas cellular phone rental. Cellular phone rental rates vary widely. Compare them carefully before making a final decision, and watch out for "free" phones that have expensive "service" charges.

Satellite Cellular Phone Rental
Satellite cellular phone rental makes staying connected on a cruise simple; satellite cellular phone rentals ensure you will never worry about being out of touch while aboard a cruise ship. Satellite phones work while out at sea and when you are docked at port. There are multiple options depending on your destinations, ports and the level of coverage you require.

No matter where you may be, you have a sense of security knowing you are never far from home with a satellite cellular phone rental! Satellite cellular phone rental includes voicemail, free incoming calls and a complete accessory pack. Want to have a cellular phone rental that will work virtually anywhere in the world? A satellite phone is the answer.

1. Choose from three types of satellite cellular phone rentals. The most portable and affordable choice is the handheld voice and slow data phone. Decide on a high quality voice and basic data phone if you want affordable best voice quality. Get a high quality voice and fast data phone for the fastest data transfer and best voice quality.
2. Consider portability when having a satellite cellular phone rental in the U.S. Even the smallest phones are about the weight of a walkie-talkie.
3. Plan to pay $50 to $450 a week just for the satellite cellular phone rental; the cost depends on the type of phone you get. This cost does not include extras. You'll also have to pay for average daily minimum usage of 3 minutes or more. Outgoing calls cost between $1.25 and $3.00 a minute or more.
4. Have a higher end satellite cellular phone rental if you need it to be water resistant. Have a cellular phone rental with standard wireless added if you want to be able to use your satellite phone indoors.
5. Look for cellular phone rental deals that include voice mail, a lower cost per minute for outgoing calls, and lower or free delivery costs. Look for good deals on renting a data cable, which can cost $2.00 a day.
6. Plan to pay insurance - it's a requirement from some cellular phone rental companies. It will cost another $28 to $42 per week.
7. Get referrals from friends, co-workers, and other people in your profession, who use satellite phones with the services you want, to choose the best cellular phone rental scheme.
8. Look for phones with nearly instant bills when you return the phone.

Shop around and don't forget going online to get the best cellular phone rental deal. Don't plan to use your satellite phone for long calls home, unless you have unlimited funds.

Cellular Phone Rental by Destination
Cellular phone rental by destination aims to provide a choice of the most compatible cellular phone rental solutions for your specific travel destination, whether it be business or pleasure, wherever you go in the world.

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