Typhoon is a very strong wind velocity up to 120 km per hour until the highest level can reach 250 km per hour. This typhoon is commonly found in tropical districts that divide between the southern and northern lines. However, this hurricane does not strike on the dotted area with the equator. Therefore, hurricanes are very rare in Indonesia because Indonesia is located exactly on the equator.
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Here are some of the causes of hurricanes that can damage the earth:

  1. Hurricanes occur because of very different air pressure so that the air pressure makes a vortex in the weather system. This typhoon is more prevalent in the oceans because the air pressure is more different than that of the mainland. Cyclones typically appear more potent during the dry season during the day where temperatures are at their peak while temperatures in the oceans can not keep up with it, so in the ocean of typhoons becomes commonplace.
  2. More specifically, a hurricane occurs because during the middle of the day when the air temperature becomes very hot, the earth's atmosphere layer will also receive a greater heat temperature but low air pressure. Because of this, there will be a displacement of air pressure from a low-temperature place to a high-temperature place so that there will be a whirlwind called a hurricane.
  3. This typhoon often occurs in oceanic seas that are close to the equator like the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. At mid-day, the temperature will reach more than the normal limit of 27 degrees rising in such a way that makes the sea surface temperature becomes higher than the temperature in the water. This will make a very large and rapid evaporation, in the process of evaporation is also a freezing process that causes a fast-moving wind vortex.
  4. Hurricanes or in Indonesia also known as storm winds usually come suddenly but before that there has been a process of wind vortex that lasted for several hours. So, in fact to avoid this hurricane can be done as long as there is a tool of hurricane detection. Especially when there is already satellite technology that can detect any temperature and other differences that allow can map the region where potentially hurricanes occur. This technology is already owned by countries that become hurricane subscriptions so it can do early detection and can seek the process of disaster mitigation early.
  5. But because of the complexity of weather and air in such a way, sometimes a hurricane is very difficult in detection of its existence. If a hurricane is in the ocean or the sea may be commonplace because the casualties are not much or none. But what is worried is that if a hurricane occurs on land that has a residential community then this is very dangerous and needs to be protected immediately and could be the cause of landslides.

Typhoon Signs
Signs of a typhoon in a region can be identified as a very drastic increase in temperature, but it is also accompanied by strong lightning.

  1. Another sign that can be detected is a bird or a collection of other animals that come together and away from the beach together, if there is this sign you should not approach the sea area.
  2. Another sign is the wind is very fast and the wind is dry and hot, otherwise if it touches the body will feel uncomfortable.
  3. Not only that but other signs that can be seen is the emergence of types of cloud types such as cumulus clouds or almost silver white clouds that clustered very thick in the sky. Duration of wind vortex formation may take up to 1 hour duration and this is also usually accompanied by high winds so that trees and twigs also participate swayed fast.

Impact of Typhoon
The impact of the occurrence of hurricanes is certainly very detrimental especially if it occurs in the mainland on the settlement. The impact of the hurricane is almost on all areas that exist, including:

1. Field of Relationships
This typhoon greatly affects the field of transportation whether land transportation, sea or air. Due to unstable air and wind pressure the flight will obviously be postponed because it is very unsafe for aircraft to air in bad weather. Land transportation can also be affected because usually when a typhoon will occur heavy rain and strong winds that can certainly make trees or poles fallen so it is very dangerous. For sea transportation it is very clear the danger because most of the hurricanes occur in the sea then the ship hit by a hurricane could have drowned.

2. Field of Telecommunication
The presence of different air pressure and strong winds can also affect the atmosphere of the earth structure, especially the ionosphere where the electronic wave of electronic devices from various communication, television and radio. Should if there is heavy rain and strong winds especially if there is a flash that grabbed hard to not turn on the television, radio and communication tools so that no unwanted things happen.

3. Field of Tourism
Nature tourism suffers most losses for the occurrence of this hurricane both land and sea tourism. With conditions of very fast wind speed and irregular temperatures will make tourists in danger and can not enjoy the natural scenery that should be beautiful and charming.

4. Field of Agriculture
The ideal wind speed is 19 to 35 km per hour because the wind speed will occur the perfect pollination process. But with a hurricane that has a very strong wind speed can make the pollination process disrupted and make farm crop failure. Not only that, if a hurricane occurs around the agricultural area can also make the agricultural area damaged.

5. Field of Development
The development field is heavily affected by the occurrence of this typhoon. Especially if a hurricane occurs around the building. Hurricane-exposed buildings can be lifted up to the bottom, shifted from the foundation or collapsed, damaged buildings or roofs that can be lifted. In addition there is also the possibility of hurricanes tear down trees and iron poles so that there is a possibility of buildings destroyed by the fall of trees and poles.

How To Overcome Cyclone
Hurricane is indeed a natural phenomenon such as land breeze and sea breeze that can not exactly be predicted when and where the emergence. But there are some steps that can be done if there are signs of this hurricane, such as:

  1. We recommend that when making buildings that are in the area of ​​a possible hurricane, the building is made with a very deep foundation and strong so sturdy.
  2. In hurricane-prone areas, it will be necessary to construct SOPs that do not easily collapse.
  3. Construction of buildings intended for the public should be built in areas that are not prone to hurricanes. Building in this place can also be used as a place of refuge during a hurricane.
  4. In areas prone to hurricanes, it is advisable to conduct disaster mitigation exercises in case of a hurricane
  5. We recommend that if there is a hurricane, so that residents to evacuate it but do not forget to close the windows and all the vent in the house so that the wind does not enter into the house in large numbers.

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