It natural phenomenon is an event that must occur from cause and effect and that does happen outside of human control. Phenomenon itself often occurs either caused by humans or even that is not caused by humans. Generally that is not caused by humans occurs more in outer space, especially the phenomenon of galaxies.
Solar Eclipse
One phenomenon that is still happening today, studied and also understood is eclipse phenomenon. When the earth, the sun and also the moon as the earth sat in one region or the same line. With so the appearance looks like a shadow and looks unique from the earth. Here will be discussed about the solar eclipse, especially the type of ring eclipse.

The solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the moon's position lies between the sun and the earth, thus closing some or all of the sun's light.

The moon does have a smaller size, but the moon shadow can protect the sun's light completely because the moon is 384 thousand miles closer to the earth. While compared to the sun that is 149.680.000 KM toward the earth makes the size of the sun becomes smaller.

The solar eclipse is divided into several types or sections:

1. Total Solar Eclipse
The total solar eclipse is a solar eclipse that can occur when the peak of the eclipse, the solar disk is completely closed by the disc produced by the moon. Because the whole is called total. When this phenomenon occurs, the Moon is as large or even larger than the solar disk. The size of the solar disk and the moon disk itself can change depending on each distance from earth to the moon and earth to the sun.

2. Partial Solar Eclipse
A partial eclipse occurs when the moon disk reaches its top of the earth can only cover a portion of the sun disk alone, in this eclipse there will be an uncovered part of the solar disk. So this eclipse is called a partial solar eclipse.

3. Hybrid Solar Eclipse
Hybrid solar eclipse is a solar eclipse that shifts between a total eclipse to a ring eclipse. At this point the earth's surface of this eclipse appears as a total eclipse but at other points the eclipse can appear to be a ring. This phenomenon is very rare and rare.

4. Ring Eclipse
The eclipse of the eclipse is an eclipse that occurs when the moon disk reaches its top of the shelf can only cover part of the disc. This type of eclipse occurs when the moon disc is smaller than the solar disk. So right on the side or edges are not perfectly closed and form like a ring. Because that is not closed is a sun disk, then the sides glow and look like a ring.

The Process of Occurrence of Solar Eclipse Ring
Solar eclipses do occur when the sun, moon and earth are in a position that is parallel or in line and when the moon is passing between the sun and also the earth or when the new moon phase. As a result sunlight becomes blocked and causes a shadow. Observers who are in the penumbra area will not accept the change due to the sunlight and will not undergo a very drastic change.

But the received light will be less than 100%. This is because part of the light is enclosed by the shadow's heavenly body. The closer to the umbra the greater the sunlight is blocked, but not every solar eclipse that occurs can make the earth a perfect dark as night.

In a known eclipse whose name is the solar eclipse ring. Not a total darkness, precisely from the earth we can see the sun like a giant ring and the entire surface of the moon covered the surface of the earth. This means that the moon only partially closed, but because the moon covered just in the center or in the center only then the ring on the side. This happens because of the smaller lunar roundabout because of variations in the distance of the earth and the moon.

The moon shadows have two parts:

1. Umbra
Umbra is a dark and cone-shaped section that peaks toward the earth. The areas within the umbra coverage will experience a total solar eclipse.

2. Penumbra
Penumbra is a bit bright and the shape is getting away from the moon getting wider. The area is in the coverage of the penumbra experiencing a partial solar eclipse. In the total solar eclipse will appear sun corona light that looks like a crown and gas bursts from the surface of the sun is redder.

When the moon is near and away from the earth it can be seen, then the shape of the moon looks bigger and as the disk away becomes smaller. So it gives effect like big or small.

When the distance of the sun to the earth or commonly called Aphelion reaches a maximum of 152.1 million KM, the radius of a solar disk measuring 944 seconds arc with a 1 second arc size equal to 3600 degrees. The closest distance of the earth-sun or perihelion of 147.1 million km, the radius of the solar disk reaches 976 arcseconds.

Meanwhile, the distance of the moon-earth at its farthest point or commonly called apogee at a distance of 405,500 KM has a moon disk radius of 882 arcseconds. As for the nearest point between the earth-month of 363,300 KM, the moon disk radius reaches 1006 arcseconds.

The shadows of the moon that fall to the surface have two parts of the shadow of the core, commonly called umbra and additional shadows or penumbra. The inhabitants of the earth crossed by the umbra area will not see the sun because all the light sources are covered by the moon. As if in the area through which penumbra, they can still see some sunlight.

In Solar Eclipse Ring, the tip of the umbra or shadow of the moon does not reach the surface of the earth. It's just an extension of the umbra ie antumbra and antiumbra are up to earth. The area through which the antumbra will see the sun is like a luminous ring in the sky. Because this explanation makes the solar eclipse a different ring and is also considered special.

The Impact of the Solar Eclipse Ring 
The impact of Solar Eclipse Ring is actually almost the same as the impact of the solar eclipse. Anything ?

1. Occurs in animals
In the process of solar eclipse of the ring, is actually the same as the solar eclipse, the most direct impact is animal. Where animals are the most visible creatures depend on nature. Where the earth when the dark became a sign for them both for rest and for activity, especially nocturnal animals. But because the solar eclipse of the ring is an eclipse that occurs in a short time and makes the earth dark in time. This will affect animals that may be confused, because their activity cycle changes suddenly. So not infrequently some animals become restless and confused as well as voicing continuously or become agitated and move irregularly.

2. The existence of knowledge
For humans, the impact is not so much seen. But the most impact that can be taken is of course science. Where the earth is the planet where we live, the sun as well as the moon that becomes our satellite performs a phenomenon. This knowledge can also help develop phenomena that might occur from a solar eclipse of the ring, or a phenomenon that will occur in question with  Solar Eclipse Ring.

3. Earth's Gravity
Although not too perceived, the solar eclipse of the ring is a movement between a total solar eclipse and a partial solar eclipse. This has no direct impact on humans but will have little effect on the earth. According to NASA and also BMKG, with the solar eclipse the distance between the earth with the sun and also the moon slightly changed. The change is indeed not much and not very effect, but the solar eclipse causes the earth to be closer because of the great gravity.

4. Earth Magnet
When a solar eclipse occurs, when the sun is closed the ionosphere layer will change the context of the ion so that the variation of the magnetic field will be disrupted. Therefore, when a solar eclipse occurs, the earth's magnetism may experience problems and return to normal again. That's why the average Solar Eclipse Ring does not have a meaningful impact.

5. Communication Channels
When a solar eclipse occurs including a solar eclipse ring. Probably the prolonged effect is not felt, but the effect on when an eclipse can occur. One of them occurs in communication channels as well as radio waves and internet connections to be disturbed. That's why the eclipse is announced long ago even though its time and trajectory are often rumored when a new eclipse will happen the day before. This happens to be wary of those who use radio waves that may be disturbed. Like the airport and others.

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