DSLR cameras that are sold on the market have many types, series and models, besides of course, the brand. The first thing to ensure before buying is to adjust to each other's needs.

Each type of DSLR camera that is produced usually has been adjusted to the level of ability of the wearer. There are DSLR cameras made for beginners, some are manufactured for photography hobbyists and some are tailor-made for professional photographers with special needs.

When viewed at a glance, DSLR camera shapes for beginners, hobbyists or professionals almost the same, but if investigated further, these three types actually have many differences that lie in the existing features in the camera body, technology in it, and how complex how to use the camera . Here's how to tell the difference.

1. DSLR Camera for Beginner
DSLR Camera for Beginner
Usually beginner or entry level camera, in practical form. All the features of the operation easier and have a lot of color variations on the camera body. Its weight is usually lighter so comfortable to hold and carried. Menu and feature selections are made for ease of use, so it's usually all instant or automatic settings.

Examples of entry-level DSLR cameras include D3200, D3100, D3000, D5100, D5200, D40 etc. for the Nikon brand, and the EOS 1100D, 750D, 650D, 600D, 550D etc for the Canon brand. DSLR camera prices for beginners are generally cheaper when compared with the camera for penghobi and professional. This type of camera is usually sold with a price range of RP 5.000.000 - 6.000.000 (IDR).

This type of camera is perfect if only used for the purposes of daily documentation that does not require specific image quality specifically.

2. DSLR Camera for Hobby (Semi-Pro)
DSLR Camera for Hobby (Semi-Pro)
DSLR cameras for hobbies, or commonly known as mid-level, are the kind that have more complex manual settings, but still have an automatic selection. This camera is made for those who have understood the basic settings of photography. In addition, the features that are in it even more sophisticated. This type of camera usually has a faster photo burst, even some cameras have been equipped with full-frame sensors.

DSLR camera is perfect for those who want to pursue the hobby of photography more seriously. Mid-level DSLR cameras are popular among photography service providers in Indonesia Because of the price is not too expensive and its function is close to a pro camera. Some examples of mid-level camera products such as Canon EOS 70D, 60D, 50D, 40D etc. As for Nikon brand there are series D600, D300, D200, D100 and so on. The price of this type of DSLR cameras ranges from Rp 7.000.000 - 12.000.000 (IDR).

3. DSLR Camera for Professional (Pro)
DSLR Camera for Professional (Pro)
DSLR cameras for professionals, or commonly abbreviated as pro, is a camera that is arguably best when compared to the two types we discussed earlier. Cameras for these professionals have a more complete feature, more advanced technology and of course the price of this DSLR camera is more expensive. The price is usually above Rp 12.000.000 (IDR).

This type of DSLR camera is widely used by professional photographers for various purposes. The settings are more complex and in most models, do not have automatic settings at all. Pro DSLR cameras are commonly used by major media industries such as media bureaus, large photo studios, advertising agencies and photographers who put great emphasis on the quality of photos in each shot.

Some of the camera products included in this category include, Canon EOS 5D and 1D, while for Nikon products are D4, D3, D2 and D1 series. Given the high price of this type of camera, it is advisable to really think carefully before buying it.

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