We have a new laptop with a non-removable battery? It's true yes, this time the trend of laptops with non-removable or non-removable batteries increasingly mushrooming, ranging from Apple Macbook, Asus Zenbook, Chromebook, and various other laptop models.

If we still hear various tips and tricks about conventional laptop battery, then how do or tips on caring for non-removable laptop batteries? Is it same? Through this article, we want to explain various things about how to take care of non-removable laptop battery. Let's start the tips.

1. Observe Temperature
Looks like this case has become a classic case. But we will not stop to mention that temperature is an important factor to keep our laptop battery in good condition. Extreme temperatures are a frightening specter for batteries, even for extra cold temperatures. But the hot temperatures are also more frightening. Therefore, you should keep the room and laptop temperature in the right conditions. Make our room temperature stable and not too hot.

In addition, try not to use a laptop on a mattress or pillow, given the material of the object that can increase the heat on the laptop.

2. Charge Process and Its Use
Surely some people wonder, when the right conditions to use the laptop through the power of the battery, and when to use the laptop using power directly from the home electricity. Actually these two ways you can do anytime. It's okay to plug the laptop into electricity all day when using it in the office or home. The latest laptops have been designed to keep the power to the battery so as not to over-charge. But you must remember that the process of charge can also bring excessive heat, so keep the position and ventilation of the room yes.

3. Do not Spend Up to 0%
We must remember that laptops and batteries have a lifespan. The test from Batteryuniversity.com proves that the battery used up has a shorter lifespan than the battery being charged before it runs out.

4. Keep Batteries Fully Filled
The power level in your battery also takes an important part. The famous laptop manufacturer that HP even recommends that the battery should at least save 50 to 70% when stored in temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. If you plan not to use your laptop for quite some time, make sure that the battery is charged, since it can not be removed from the laptop.

5. How Long Battery Can You Survive?
Here comes one of the most frequent questions from laptop users. How long does my battery can survive in good condition? Each brand does have a different endurance yes. Asus itself stated that their batteries can survive in excellent condition up to between 300 to 500 charge cycles. This indicates that the laptop battery can survive in good condition for 18 months before finally declining.

That's her 5 tips on taking care of non-removable laptop batteries. Are there any points we miss? feel free to give an opinion via the comment field below.

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