Have you ever felt lonely while driving? Now, you will not feel lonely anymore while driving a car, because it has been created 'friends' to chat during the trip. 'Friend' is a robot named Kirobo.

Kirobo is a robot made by a leading Japanese car company, Toyota. Reported by a source from various sources, Kirobo is said to be able to do some things that are quite complicated for robots like. He is able to have small conversations, and equipped with a mini camera to recognize facial expressions. Unfortunately, the conversation is currently only in Japanese and does not include any other languages.

Not only the face, Kirobo able to recognize gestures, tone of voice, emotional state, of human human friends. The eye gaze on Kirobo's head will follow the movement of the owner's head during the conversation.

In addition to Kirobo, which is known to have a height of about 30 cm, there is also a mini version called Kirobo Mini. According to The Verge, Kirobo Mini has a height of about 10 cm, and is suitable as your travel companion. However, it remains unclear what the advantages of this mini Kirobo compared to its predecessor.

Clearly, both Kirobo and Kirobo Mini require connections to smartphones as well as an app subscription fee of 300 Yen (about Rp 30 thousand) per month.

Toyota plans to sell Kirobo robots through their car dealership network for 39,800 yen or around Rp 4.000.000 , by 2017. Interested in buying it?

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