Straws may be regarded as one of the most useful discoveries for human life. With a straw, in some conditions, drinking becomes easier and enjoyable.

In addition, straws are also considered beneficial for dental health. Straws can help reduce tooth decay due to the acid caused by carbonated beverages. The straw will help drain the drink directly into the esophagus without affecting the teeth. But do you know how the beginning of this straw found?

The birth of a straw allegedly existed at 2 thousand to 3 thousand years BC. The straws are found in a meal belonging to the Sumerians in Iraq. At that time, straws were found made of gold and other precious stones. The citizens of Argentina and its surroundings also make a straw called bombilla.

Quoted from Witty Feed, Tuesday (4/4/2017), the first straw found was used to drink beer. Most likely, straws are used to avoid a variety of solid products fermented at the bottom.

In its development, straws are made from various ingredients, including rye grass. Although cheap but the use of rye grass makes the taste of the drink feels a bit like grass.

Until finally the modern straw made with paper material. Marvin Stone has the idea of making paper straws while drinking in hot weather in Washington DC, USA.

He patented the invention of a paper straw found in 1888. At that time while enjoying his drink, he rolled the paper in pencil and made it into a small roll. He slid the glue between the scrolls.

"Paper straws encountered the period of his death slowly in the 1960-1970s," said David Rhodes, manager at Aardvark Paper Drinking Straw, a paper straw company. "In the mid-70s, the straw from the paper was completely gone," he continued.

But in 1961, plastic straws have started to be known. Originally, it was made because of a mistake made in 1940 in Ohio. This error was made because of a glass-straw maker. But for the safety of users, straws start to be made with plastic base material, not glass.

The discovery was further developed 40 years later in San Francisco. It was Joseph B. Friedman who was inspired to make straws while watching his daughter have trouble enjoying a high-glass milkshake. He's still in trouble despite being helped with a straight straw.

He outsmarted this straight straw and made it crooked. This type of straw was patented in 1937. This straw is well known and is still used today.

Although most straws are now made of plastic, there are still some who use a straw from paper. The straws of paper again became a trend in the late '90s. This is because environmental issues are getting polluted, so that straws of paper began to be widely used to be more environmentally friendly.

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