In many places, there are celebrations that have the same theme but different names. It is a celebration associated with the spirits, gods, magicians, even demons and demons. For example, in North America and Europe, celebrations called Halloween are widely known and celebrated every October 31st. Many of the habits performed on Halloween celebrations are also performed elsewhere.

Here are some explanations from different sources that explain "What is Halloween?" :
  1. The Encyclopedia of American Folklore says, "Halloween basically means communicating with spirits, which are often threatening or frightening." (See the "Halloween History Box".) Similarly, many Halloween-like celebrations come from disbelief and taken from the habit of worshiping the ancestors. Up to now there are still people all over the world who use such feasts to make contact with the spirits.
  2. Although Halloween is considered a celebration of westerners, more and more are celebrating in other lands. However, often they do not know that Halloween symbols, decorations, and habits come from disbelief and are associated with supernatural beings.-See the box "What is its Origin?"
  3. Until now, thousands of Wiccans, the witches, celebrate Halloween with its ancient name Samhain, and they regard it as their most holy day. The USA Today newspaper once quotes the words of someone who claims to be a witch. It says, "Christians" do not realize it, but they come to celebrate our feast. . . . And we like that. '"
  4. Celebrations like Halloween are very much against the teachings of Scripture. The Bible warns, "Among you are not found. . . a sorcerer, a fortune-teller, a scholar, a magician, an incanter, or one who asks the spirits or the spirits of the soothsayers or who asks for the dead. "- Deuteronomy 18:10, 11, New Translation; see also Leviticus 19:31; Galatians 5: 19-21.

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