Every couple should try to escape the rat race together once in a while. Whether it’s a long weekend or a luxurious few weeks in the sun, a little bit of planning will go a long way. Rediscover your love of afternoon cocktails, beautiful cities, and each other with these top tips for your romantic trip.

Avoid the Crowds
You’re on holiday to spend time with your partner, not with thousands of sweaty tourists. Whilst we all want to tick off certain locations from our bucket list – Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa – maybe save these for another trip and focus on the less frequented areas.

Wandering hand-in-hand around cobbled streets and quiet squares and stopping for an ice cream or cool drink is much more romantic than queueing for a selfie with the Mona Lisa.

Leave the Screens Behind
I’m not banning a few sweet selfies of candle-lit dinners, but I am recommending limiting your screen time. We rarely realise how much time we spend scrolling mindlessly on Facebook or Twitter. Take this break as an opportunity to get your priorities straight.

Rules might not seem romantic, but discuss a technology time limit with your partner – this way you can spend more time gazing into each other’s eyes. Why not go old school and take a disposable camera, take pictures just for you that can’t be shared online!

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely
Your accommodation will often depend on your budget. Staying in a chain hotel might be attractive as they can be cheap; however, they are also home to large tour groups and loads of tourists. Alternatives are cosy B&Bs (which can be very reasonable) and boutique hotels which are often stylish with a touch of luxury.

You might want to consider going kid-free for a grown-up romantic trip away from splashing and screaming! On the other hand, if you’ve got children you can’t leave at home, think about staying somewhere with kids’ clubs or childcare so that you can sneak off and enjoy some time alone.

Try New Things
Whether you’re newly-weds or you’ve been together forever, trying new things can teach you about your partner and is always good fun. Why not go to a salsa club, take cooking lessons with exotic dishes, relax in a spa together, or brave your first nude beach?

A couple’s holiday is the perfect occasion to spice up your relationship and experience things for the first time together.

Be Yourselves
Don’t feel the need to do what everyone else is doing. If you love museums, go! However, if you just want to wander around, eat delicious food, drink too much and sleep in, then feel free. A romantic trip is no time for scheduling; commit to going where the day takes you and refuse to feel guilty for not seeing all the sights.


Keep the mystery going by planning secret getaways for you and your other half. If you’ve planned the holiday together you could secretly book a meal in a fancy restaurant nearby or arrange an experience, such as a helicopter ride or local massage, for you to share. Why not hide a present in your partner’s case to surprise them when you arrive?

Whether you’re spontaneous or a planner remember that the point of the trip is to spend time together and rekindle that spark. Enjoy!

How to Get There
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