Every electronic application, we see is stuck with cloud technology due to its unique advantages. The cloud caters the needs of all the customers. Therefore it is the one-size fit solution for everybody. The hosting resources allocated dynamically from the extensive network of physical components instead of a fixed set of hardware by leveraging virtualization.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting
Infinitely on demand scalability: Automatically scale up resources to meet the demand or traffic hikes. High performance, reliable and redundant to deliver guaranteed services. In case of failure of one server, the website comes from other servers in the cloud. If servers struggle then additional servers are automatically brought online to accommodate.

With all the benefits mentioned above, the CP Web Hosting team suggests clients switch shared to cloud hosting. Although the clients find shared most economical, the positive cloud features bring the significant difference. The shared hosting provides Server resources shared among multiple customers. The shared environment cannot guarantee high performance services to intensive business critical applications or demanding projects requiring much constant processing power. In a shared environment, a contentious issue gets raised, a few websites consuming much high-resources and other's with minimal resources and sometimes, with no resources, hence downtime.

With finite resources, scalability is a big issue and as the business grows, switching to better hosting package becomes a necessity. For e-commerce portals, Shared CP Web Hosting never suggested. As a performance, speed and up time show inconsistency on a shared platform. A business owner whose livelihood runs on online sales, shared hosting can be a significant shortcoming.

A shared hosting does not allow much customization, and in this high technology world, where apps cover the significant market, shared hosting can be a hassle. A customer may require sophisticated technology to run applications.

The most hosting providers listed on CP Web hosting provides control panel based cloud hosting. It helps them to manage allocated resources. It becomes easy to install and update applications of choice, with complete customization. A hosting customer wants strong digital foundation.

It is imperative that business would grow, so the website complexity also increases. For companies, where delivering fast, convenient and personalized user experience matter, shared hosting seems to be old obsolete technology. A lot of rich media positioned into web pages which include videos, great infographics, podcasts and to deliver, better technology is the key.

The hosting clients are smartphones, tablets, and laptops users, who live mostly in the Internet world and communicate online. They cannot dream of technology performing poorly to them. Hence, a robust cloud network capable of absorbing stress and gives high-performance is much needed. With that, customers also need simplicity for managing the tasks and excellent support to resolve problems quickly and more proactively.

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