When a person is addicted to alcohol and seeks treatment the first step is detoxification. This is to help wean them off alcohol. Depending on how long they have been addicted the detoxification treatment can cause some withdrawal symptoms that will have to also be addressed. Using detoxification in alcohol treatment is a procedure that is done to reduce your bodies need for alcohol gradually and eliminate the addiction. It is an essential step in becoming free of your alcohol addiction. This step helps to remove all residue of alcohol from your body because if all alcohol is not removed from the body it can lead to having cravings for alcohol.

Detoxification can be done by avoiding or abstaining from consuming alcohol whenever it is possible, changing your diet, or using medications. It can be a tough process because you may undergo psychological and physical trauma while detoxifying.

Detoxification Withdrawal Symptoms
The withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe but it depends on the individual. Many will experience all three types of symptoms during withdrawal. With the milder symptoms they usually develop during the beginning of detoxification and the more severe withdrawal symptoms show up within forty-eight hours to seven days after beginning detoxification. At times the moderate symptoms can be life-threatening so it may be necessary to seek medical help.


  1. Irritability and bad temper
  2. Headache from mild to severe
  3. Vomiting induced by nausea
  4. No appetite
  5. Excessive sweating, especially on the palms
  6. Deprivation of sleep or insomnia
  7. Shakiness or feeling nervous


  1. Heart rate increase
  2. Nightmares
  3. Sudden changes in emotions and depression
  4. Limbs tremble
  5. Eyelids twitch
  6. Pupils dilated
  7. Clammy, pale skin
  8. Fatigue


  1. Not able to think clearly
  2. Seizures or convulsions
  3. Blackouts or fainting spells
  4. Extreme, sudden emotional changes that were induced by anxiety
  5. Fever
  6. Hallucinations

Alcohol Treatment
When undergoing detoxification you should also engage in natural methods of detoxification like hydrating your body by using natural detox remedies like hydrating your body by drinking a lot of fruit or vegetable juices, or water. This natural alcohol treatment also encourages cell function, strengthening your immune system, and cleansing the liver. If you are suffering from the stress of the detoxification there are also several different supplements and herbs you can take. In some cases medications like benzodiazepines are used to help with the severe symptoms of withdrawal. When using medications for alcohol treatment it is referred to as a pharmacological detoxification.

After a person has successfully completed the alcohol treatment plan and is now alcohol free there are support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous that will help you stay clean and sober.

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