Latest technology plays a major role in the motorcycle lighting market growth over the next few years. Heavy and ancillary industries demolish and reconstruct new products in manufacturing of engineering equipment. These types of industries manufacture heavy electrical, huge buildings and machine tools. Two Wheeler Lightings are used in motorcycles or motor vehicles for lighting and it is a signalling device mounted or integrated to the front, rear, sides, and in some cases the top of a motor vehicle.

China’s two wheeler lighting market is growing rapidly in the recent years and is sure to continue growing over the period of time. The latest technology of laser head lights has great demand in the motorcycle headlight market with growing popularity. The need of efficient power consumption has led to the development of laser headlight technology for almost all automobiles. The technology is adopted in cars and is also being introduced in the motorcycles. The laser technology has greater performance and wider future development potential because of the automotive OEMs applicable to various products for differentiation.

The leading competitors in China’s two wheeler lighting market are Unitech, Koito, Varroc, Hella, Federal Mogul, Stanley, Bruno/Zadi Group, Lumax, Cobo, Rinder, Boogey, Minda, Ampas Lighting, IJL, J.W. speaker, ZWK Group, Motolight, Lazer light, and Fiem. The two wheeler lighting market is categorised into Halogen Lamps, LED Lights and others. The application of the two wheeler lighting market is classified into motorcycle headlight parts and bulbs, motorcycle rear light parts and bulbs, indicators and others. The Two Wheeler Lightings Market geographically covers South China, Southwest China, East China, Northeast China and North China.

Lighting technology in automotive segment has driven a demand in the motorcycle segment. The OEMs adopt new technology in a cost-effective manner considering the application areas thus leading to the growth in the volume and decreasing the production cost. Key vendor of automotive lighting are OSRAM, Philips, HELLA, KOITO, GE Lighting, Varroc Group and ZKW Group. The increasing population in China demands for more sophisticated lighting technology. The five year population data is depicted in the below graph.

It was predicted that the motorcycle lighting market will grow steadily over the next decade with rise in sales and OEM’s developed towards differentiating products. Motorcycle manufacturers are implementing motorcycle lighting systems using new lighting technologies such as LED and organic LED’s. The introduction of innovative thermal imaging cameras for enhancing motorcycle safety helps to increase rider’s visibility during night rides to spot debris on the road easily. This system does not require lights to produce an image and when coupled with led motorcycle lights will significantly enhance the safety of motorcycles.

The success of lighting technology in automotive segment will definitely drive the demand in motorcycle segment. Also the increasing focus on differentiation by automotive OEMs will drive demand for technologies such as LED and OLED in China’s motorcycle lighting market. With increase in the population there is a demand for ambient lights driving motorcycle lighting market. Consumers are enjoying long distance travel or drive that increase the acceptance of lighting for safety in touring segment. This also improves the efficiency and performance by technological innovations.

The factors affecting China’s motorcycle lighting market are high cost associated with new technologies such as laser lights and LEDs, reduction in production cost of upcoming technologies such as OLED and potential risk of light pollution by laser headlights can be threat to its adoption. The growing popularity of laser head lights, growing demand for adaptive lighting, development of thermal imaging cameras to make night-time riding safe, increase in R&D spending by vendors in technologies such as OLED to drive innovation and application and evolution of motorcycle headlamp technologies are all driving for a positive growth in China’s motorcycle lighting market in the coming years.

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