Most businesses are faced with many questions in their attempt to acquire more leads. Do I need an ecommerce web design? What is the best ecommerce platform? Do I need a multilingual website design? New customers are essential to any businesses growth and success, but maintaining a constant stream of new prospects can be a very challenging task. Companies around the world devote millions of dollars every year to this one challenge, and many of these investments focus on developing the best ecommerce platform, increasing web traffic or boosting web conversion rates.

While web traffic is important to driving your online marketing efforts, this metric means nothing if you can’t convert your web visitors into sales. By using great web design, you can get more out of the visits you receive and increase your web conversions.

1. Make it Worth Their Time
Due to the amount of content available on the internet, consumers have learned to spend their time wisely when searching for information. Most internet users will only invest a few seconds of their time in any given website. If they do not find the information they are looking for in those first few moments, they will simply move on to the next website. Your web viewers will only stay on your site if the content you are emphasizing convinces them that it is worth their time to continue reading.

You should ensure that all of your website’s content is scannable and easy-to-read. Professional web designers know when to add white space, use content breaks and insert design elements to help you accomplish this task. A great web design allows you to showcase your products or services and highlight your key advantages in an aesthetic and engaging way. Depending on your unique situation, you may need to consider multilingual web design or responsive web design. Either way, your website’s visitors should never be forced to explore multiple pieces of content for the information they need.

2. Be Consistent
Whether you need the best ecommerce platform or an effective multilingual web design, your site should offer a consistent feel throughout. Professional web designers understand the importance of consistency and utilize color theory and other concepts to ensure a consistent feel. The use of one primary color scheme and similar graphics keeps viewers comfortable while viewing all pages of your website. Internet visitors tend to trust clean, professional and consistent web designs more than elaborate and erratic websites.

3. Be User-Friendly and Up-to-Date
Studies have proven that a website’s conversation rate is strongly related to its design, but sites with updated, user-friendly information always have an advantage over their competition. When brainstorming ideas for your website, you should stay focused on creating a pleasant and enjoyable experience for your visitors. Great design elements can help to improve your user experience in many ways, but keeping your content up-to-date, accessible and user-friendly is key.

A great web design increases your conversions by enticing and engaging your audience to learn more about the products and services you offer. It should provide the information your potential customers are looking for, maintain consistency to build their trust and present user-friendly updated content for them to enjoy. These basic ideas are a great start to getting the conversions your business needs, but you should always consider hiring a professional designer to ensure that you are getting the most out of your web traffic!

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