Among other characteristics galaxy as follows:

1. The galaxy has its own light instead of reflected light
Different with planets requiring the sun to receive light, the galaxy has its own light and not of reflection. Where gamma rays are one of the greatest weapons available in nature. This light is obtained from bursts of pulsars or large stars that die and also explode and radiate radiation. This light is believed to make a galaxy become brighter, as well as with black eyes that look dark. It emits a different color so it looks darker than other galaxies. This light represents the most energy and strongest light but the human eye can not see.

2. Other galaxies can be seen outside the milky galaxy
Other galaxies can be seen outside the galaxy. It is as said before that galaxies can not be close together for fear of undesirable things such as the impact or mixing of planets. In addition, galaxies are formed because objects in outer space form groups, if close together and mixed with other galaxies it will become one big galaxy. It is impossible for galaxies to be given different names according to their group form if united. However, because of its large size, other galaxies can be seen with the help of sophisticated technological tools.

3. The distance between one galaxy to another millions of light years
The galaxy is not adjacent but far apart are the characteristics of the second galaxy. Either because there are things that might be like gravity or the like. Actually there are so many galaxies, maybe up to hundreds. In addition there is also a galaxy that is detected to have a great distance up to millions of light galaxy. Distant distances will also further secure galaxies to each other or planets in the solar system because in a galaxy there are often explosions, meteorites and comets or other celestial bodies that may have heat, gravity and rapid movement. to avoid the clash between galaxies then it is far away. Even the distance to millions of light.

4. The galaxy has certain forms
a. Spiral Shape
The spiral galaxy is a type of galaxy consisting of a star vortex and an interstellar medium where its diameter or center of galaxy consists of very old star stars. Seen from its shape, spiral-type galaxies have bright arms on each side. In the classification of hubble schemes the spiral type of galaxy is given a list with the code S (Spiral) and SB (Barred Spiral) depending on the shape of its arms then followed by alphabet letters indicating the level of density between the spiral arms and the bulge at the center of the galaxy.

b. Ellipse Shape
Elliptical elliptical galaxies are galaxies that have a round shape to ball-shaped pacing. This form of galaxy contains very little interstellar matter and its members are old stars. Examples of elliptical galaxies are the M87 galaxies or elliptical galaxies in the constellation Virgo.

c. Irregular Shape
This irregular galaxy means that it has no special shape. This galaxy has many interstellar materials consisting of gas and dust. Examples of irregular galaxies are the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Little Magellanic Cloud.

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