In the current era, the internet is needed by everyone, whether for work, duties, or playing online games whether on PC or smartphone. Each country of course also has a speed internet that is different, there is a fast and some are slow.

Here are 7 countries with fast internet speed :

1. South Korea

South Korea
South Korea became the country with the fastest internet connection in the world, which has a speed of approximately 27 Mbps. One of the factors that make this country a country with the fastest internet connection is its government that has prioritized the internet since 10 years ago and encourage all its citizens to use computers with low cost internet.

2. Sweden

Sweden has an internet connection that is also quite fast, which is about 21 Mbps. In terms of internet connection, the government has invested extensive infrastructure so that all citizens can enjoy internet access very quickly.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Although the population in this country quite a lot, the Hong Kong government has increased the internet connection speed for its citizens, which is about 20 Mbps. The government has made improvements to internet connection support facilities in each place so that citizens who do not live in the city can still enjoy this fast internet access.

4. Swiss

Just like Hong Kong, Switzerland has an internet connection with a speed of approximately 20 Mbps. The Swiss government has used broadband access that will be connected with dial-up phones as a major growth area. While the network using DSL is connected to broadband.

5. Singapore

One of the ASEAN countries has an internet connection of about 19 Mbps. Although this country is small, Singapore has been supported by facilities to access internet connections anywhere so that citizens can access freely. The Singapore government has followed Hong Kong's policy of internet connection that can be enjoyed by all its citizens.

6. Japan

Sakura State has the same internet connection speed with Singapore, which is about 19 Mbps. Japan uses fiber optic to channel internet connection to all its citizens. With the fiber optic, the internet there will be more stable and very rarely disturbed.

7. United States

United States
Although a country that became the center of the world, the United States only has internet speed of approximately 17 Mbps only. Although relatively fast, but the United States is still inferior to the 6 countries above in this list. The government also plans to use approximately 100 thousand broadband used for its infrastructure.

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