OK, so you want pets. Pets are a must have around the house, at least in my opinion. It brightens the lifestyle, really, and they are a source of constant fun.

Some like dogs, other like cats and so on. There's no limit to what you can bring into your home as long as it's not dangerous, unfit for human company, or simply unfit to live outside his normal habitat. If any of the above are characteristic to your pet you might want to rethink about having it.

Choose your pet according to your lifestyle, not according to visual specs. You may like a Beagle dog, but if you lack the nerve and energy it requires you will both be miserable in the long run. So make sure you choose something that fits your temper. Of course, you may like snakes or other type of uncommon pet, which renders this particular advice useless. But anyway, see that it fits.

Before you take it home there is some research you have to do. You can either do it online or go to a vet. A pet shop guy can help you out to some extent, but please note that pet shop vendors are not specialists in having pets, they specialise in selling pets. They take care of them in the intermediate of receiving them and selling them. They know what food they like and need and what temperature is best for them and all that. But they usually don't know much about bringing them into your life, making them part of the family. That's what pets are. So I'd recommend a vet, they did graduate a university on the subject and they know much more about possible medical issues, gene specifications, temperamental characteristics etc.

After you gather all the info you need and are definitely sure about your next family member, go scout for one. And please, try to buy one from a reputable vendor, don't go setting traps along the road. If you want a dog with a great personality I'd advice going to the dog pound. The mixed-breeds are the most resourceful dogs you can find. Firstly because they don't have a pre-made gene pool that is known to some extent as to strengths and weaknesses, so they take the best of both worlds. They are smarter, they adapt extremely fast and due to their vagabond nature they tend to bond very tightly to their master. That's with dogs. Same with cats, greatest personalities are among the mixed breeds. But hey, don't let this stop you from getting a Siamese if that's your poison.

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