When it comes to all things sensual, looks matter. That’s something that gets drilled into everyone from the moment they are old enough to pay attention to billboard ads or notice the perfectly airbrushed women in magazines. But it’s important to remember that even the best manhood care doesn’t result in an airbrushed manhood - and that a man’s body is probably never going to measure up to those models on the billboards. Why? Because Photoshop manipulation is everywhere!

But many men who are overweight often feel as though they aren’t good-looking enough to draw the attention of a potential sensual partner. Their confidence might be at an all-time low, especially when they compare themselves to those not-so-real models of male physique.

The good news is that a man who is overweight can have just as much member fun as any other guy - and possibly even more! It all comes down to confidence. Here’s how to get it.

1. Get Real
Rather than see the men in magazines and on billboards as the perfect specimens, see them for what they really are - regular men who have been airbrushed to perfection. They don’t really look like that in real life. It’s important to break free of that media-induced confidence killer in order to life full of confidence.

2. Know the Truth
Remember that every person has something wonderful to offer, both in the bedroom and outside of it. A man who is overweight has plenty of great things to give to a partner. Just because he weighs a bit more than someone else doesn’t mean he can’t give ultimate pleasure to himself and others.

3. Get Comfortable
Sometimes, a man who is overweight wants to ignore his body, or at least the parts of it that he doesn’t like. Rather than shy away from it, get comfortable with it! Pay attention to every inch. Look in the mirror and appreciate it for how strong and capable it is, rather than looking at the flaws.

4. Get Bare
The more time a man spends without clothing, the more likely he will become comfortable with how his body looks and feels. Spend plenty of time without anything on and be amazed at the difference a few weeks can make.

5. Reach out
Let go of the notion that nobody will want someone who is overweight. That’s absolutely not true, and there are millions of happy couples out there to prove it! Reaching out to potential partners and building good friendships is the first step to moving into a relationship.

6. Try New Things
When it’s time to fall into bed with a partner, be more than willing to try new things. Sometimes a person who is overweight doesn’t "fit" the way they expect, especially if they are expecting something like what they have seen in carefully-choreographed adult films. Remember, those videos aren’t real life - what is going on in a person’s bedroom is. And it’s awesome! 7. Soak Up the Compliments

Many who are overweight will brush away compliments, believing their partner doesn’t really mean it and they are "just trying to be nice." Rather than buy into that, simply believe a partner when they say how great the coupling was or compliment on smooth skin, a handsome male organ and more. They mean it!

A guy can also enhance his confidence by reaching for a daily manhood health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A healthy member is a handsome male organ, and that means application of a great crème with multiple vitamins and nutrients - including Shea butter, vitamin A, alpha lipoic acid and more - can give the manhood the healthy glow it deserves.

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