Cats naturally love to stay outdoors, whether or not we like them to stay outside. For this reason, when they are forced to stay inside, most of them will look for ways to go out. However, if you always allow them to stay outdoors, there is a greater probability to get into fights, get run-over, stolen, and abused, or bring home birds and rodents. Luckily, cats can now take pleasure in the great outdoors even as they stay in your backyard. This is the life offered by outdoor cat enclosures.

In addition to outdoor cat enclosures, a wide range of cages, backyard systems and fencing aim to provide your cat with a safe, controlled space, in which it can stay outside, breathe fresh air and gaze at the birds as they fly. Here are the different types of outdoor cat enclosures and tips on how to choose one.

Different Types of Outdoor Cat Enclosures
On the market there is a wide range of outdoor cat enclosures available. They can be big or small, common or customized, made with your own design or by another. Nevertheless, there are a number of major classifications of outdoor cat enclosures accessible to many people such as the following:
  1. Cat tents
  2. Freestanding cat cages
  3. Multilevel, prefabricated cat cages
  4. Netted cat enclosures
  5. Wall-hugging cat enclosureS
  6. A little bit more about cat tents

Perhaps the most convenient form of cat enclosure is the netted outdoor cat tent. They are simple to fold, pack up and take along, plus they do not occupy a lot of space.

These enclosures are best for people who do not like the idea of having a permanent structure within their property, those who want to easily move the enclosures around, or those that are budget constrained. They are also perfect for those who have only one cat, since such tents can easily get full.

These tents are ideal for those who live in apartments as well, since their small size is just right on a balcony and can easily by packed away. This way, you do not have to share space with a large cat cage on your own balcony.

Finally, cat tents are advantageous for those who travel. Whether you are always on the go, currently traveling, camping or need to take an extended trip and there is no option but to bring your poor cat, it would be convenient to bring along an outdoor cat tents - since it gives your kitty a little more space to walk around.

You Don't Know What to Buy
If you have a hard time deciding on the cat tent that would be best for you, take these factors into consideration.
  1. Budget: If you have a tight budget, you can opt for a cat tent or netted enclosure
  2. Backyard space: If your backyard is big, choose between a netted enclosure or large freestanding cage; Aesthetic preference: If you want to stand-out, go for a custom-designed enclosure or any of the multi-level cages
  3. Freedom of cat: If you want to give some freedom to your cat and let it come and go anytime, choose an outdoor cat enclosure that can be fastened to a cat door
  4. Outside influence: If you stay in the wild, get an enclosure that can withstand extreme weather, as well as predators
  5. Portability: If you always take along your cat with you, opt for a collapsible kitty tent.

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