Cardboard displays have the potential to offer a very practical option with its warmth in appearance and great versatility. Also, it is adaptable to give complete control in which the items are displayed in the retail store. Here are a few of the most appealing benefits of the cardboard displays:

1. Low cost
A major benefit is the fact that cardboard is relatively inexpensive to create the reliable displays for all types of merchandise.

2. Lightweight
This material is very lightweight, which makes it really easy and cost-effective to transport compared to other display options like wood or glass. Also, the displays are a lot easier to handle and position once inside the store.

3. Versatile
The actual production cost of making the cardboard displays is quite low. The process of shaping, cutting, or bending the cardboard is easily achieved via AutoCAD design. Once the preferred design is configured it is quick to produce tens of thousands of displays using the right machinery with a little human input.

4. Unique designs
Cardboard gives complete flexibility in the design process with a great choice in the color, shape and layout. They can even include promotional or discount stickers to really make a display stand out.

5. Regular update
The initial low investment of the cardboard products means it is possible to be creative and update the look every few months to keep the displays looking like-new and up to date.

6. Very sturdy
The best quality corrugated cardboard is very strong and sturdy and easily able to hold its shape even when accepting a high load.

7. Easy to assemble
This type of display is designed to be simple to assemble by the retail staff. Also, if planning to position the display in an area with limited space it is possible to complete minor alterations, such as cutting the material to give the best possible fit.

8. Recyclable material
Cardboard is a completely recyclable material that is very easy to dispose of when a display is no longer needed. This means a lot less waste is dumped into the landfill sites. Also, the cardboard with non-polluting inks such as those that are vegetable based are easily separated or washed off during the recycling process.

9. Looks warm and attractive
Retail displays in cardboard are able to give a look that is a lot warmer compared to alternatives in plastic or steel. Cardboard is a material that is soft and warm to make it very approachable and seen as a lot less dangerous than steel or glass displays.

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