Music has become commercialized. If you want to survive in today's music industry, then you should be a good artist and a good businessman. Everything in music industry is based on legal agreements between two parties involved. All these legal agreements fall under the category of music business contracts. They are legally binding and are made to protect the interest of both the parties involved. The words used in such a contract are very intricate and confusing and it becomes almost impossible to understand without the help of a lawyer.

Music business contracts are usually made to deal with the monetary compensation for each of the parties involved. When money is involved, one can be very sure that each party will try to have a contract to suit their interest. If you are a musical artist, it is very important for you to understand the various clauses which will be used in such contracts. The main business contracts which are regularly used in the music industry today include but not limited to songwriter contracts, music artist contract, music manager contracts, movie contracts, and so on and so forth.

The song writer contract mainly deals with the percentage of compensation which the song writer receives. The compensation can be given by the company or the artist depending on who purchases the copyright of the song from the writer. Usually, a onetime payment is given to new and upcoming songwriter and complete copyrights are bought by either an artist or the record label companies. The next important contract is the music manager contract. This is an agreement between the artist and the music manager and deals with the financial compensation for the music manager of the services offered. It is important to understand that the percentage of monetary compensation various from one contract to the other depending on the service offered, and also the influence of either of the party involved.

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