Before you buy any shelving storage units, it is a good idea to take some measurements. You need to know the amount of space you have available for them. You don't want to get them and then the space doesn't work. You don't want several inches of wall space either as you could have gone with something wider. Make the most of the space you have!

Don't forget that many of these units also allow you to change the height of the shelves. This means you can control the amount of spacing between each of them. You may have some tall items and you need proper storage for them. If the items you will store can change often, you will need that flexibility.

Double Check
The best way to measure the space you have for shelving storage is to get someone to help you. This allows one person to hold the end of the measuring tape while the other reads it. Write down the width and height you have to work with. It is a good idea to double check those figures before you shop thought.

Change places with the person who helped you to obtain the first set of numbers. If the outcome is the same, you can feel confident your calculations are accurate. If you get different numbers, evaluate the situation until you can confirm information. One of you may have misread the measuring tape.

Don't ignore inconsistencies as they will prevent your shelving storage from offering you the most efficient set up possible. You can also have a provider of such units come to your home or business and take those measurements for you. They are experts and they will have the information for you quickly. This service is often offered at no cost so it is worth checking!

Weight Limits
Make sure you follow the weight limits when it comes to shelving storage. If the items you are going to store weigh quite a bit, you may need to make room for more units. You can't just stack and stack items until there is no more room. If you exceed the weight limit, you can damage the shelving storage units. Then you will have to repair or replace them.

Both are an additional expense you can avoid. Excessive weight can also increase the risk of an injury to people or the risk of items getting damaged. There is a reason why such limitations are in place. For heavy items, make sure you buy those rated as heavy duty.

Vertical storage can be a great idea, especially if you have limited space. As long as the items aren't heavy, you can stack them well. You may have limited width for shelving storage but you can make up for it by allocating the empty space above. This is a great idea for boxes or items all the same size and shape.

If you stack items that are different, make sure you are very careful about the process. Otherwise, items can fall off. You always need to make safety a top priority. When used correctly, this can be the solution that helps to remove clutter and to make items readily available when you need them.

Your careful measurements can help you to get the overall look you are after. You can transform an area that looks ugly and make it presentable and organised. This will reduce common hazards and it will help you to feel great about what you have in place. You aren't going to be embarrassed for people to see those areas of your home or your business.

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