Who would have thought we’d be here with computers, cloud computing, the usage of computers without the hardware? Although in its early stages, cloud computing is quickly catching on with IT departments, investors, and business owners worldwide. Cloud Computer providers are now emerging slowly as the trend catches on with businesses. So what is cloud computing?

Essentially, cloud computing is the ability to use the computer in a setting with nothing more than a keyboard, a mouse, and a screen (Monitor). Sounds incredulous? Not really! This is a phenomenon that is spreading like wild-fire through business environments as more and more applications, and usage becomes available to end users. In essence, cloud computing encompasses the end user, having access to software applications without the need for bulky hardware taking up space.

Sounds good doesn’t it? There are more benefits to cloud computing that we’ll try to cover. One of these benefits is the ability to cut costs. Consider the need to upgrade computers, we know the costs, every year companies spend millions on hardware and software, sometimes for one simple upgrade. Cloud computing eliminates the cost of having to purchase hardware to upgrade the environment. All that will be necessary is the software upgrade, licenses for all the users needed, and the server location of the cloud. Once the cloud is updated, all end users of the office will have access to the updated software. Thus eliminating the cost of upgrading, possibly by millions, while also cutting the time it takes to upgrade your office.

Now if you’re wondering about data security, stop it! Ask any IT Professional, and they will tell you Cloud computing offers powerful security options for your dataComputer Technology Articles, while improving the aesthetics of your office. What could be better than a sleek looking office that provides secure data encryption?

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