In technology developmentnthe most dangerous computer viruses and complexes that have invaded computer networks around the world.

And the following is a list of the 15 most dangerous viruses in the world recorded in history:

1. Brain
This virus appeared in 1986 as the first virus to attack computers. This virus is also known as booting virus and attacking the file system allocation DOS. The first virus was created by two brothers from Pakistan named Basid Farook Alvi and Amjad Farook Alvi. Virus Brain works by replacing the boot sector with a copy of the virus. The boot sector is actually moved to another sector and marked as bad sectors. In the infected boot sector a message will appear like this: "Welcome to the Dungeon (c) 1986 Brain & Amjads (pvt) Ltd VIRUS_SHOE RECORD V9.0 Dedicated to the dynamic GOODNESS !! BEWARE OF THE er..VIRUS: this program is catching programs follow after messages .... $ # @% $ @ !! "

2. Moris Worm
The virus was created by a student from Cornell Unyversity named Robert Tappan Morris who was disseminated on November 2, 1988. Moris initially made this worm only for the purpose of testing the internet population at that time, not intend to damage. But what happened was more than expected, the worm he created has disrupted the Internet network at that time. About 6000 computers connected to the internet are infected, or about 10% of the internet population is paralyzed. And a loss of US $ 15 million. Moris is the first hacker to be cyber-punished in the United States. She was sentenced to 3 years probation, 400 hours of service comunity, and a fine of US $ 10,050. And currently he works as a computer teacher at MIT (Massachusests Institute of Technology).

3. Michelangelo
This virus is the first virus that dances the attention of mass media passively. First discovered on February 4, 1991. The virus is designed to infect DOS systems, but does not infect operating systems or make OS calls.

4. Concept
Created in 1995, the virus Concept is the first macro virus to attack Windows and Mac operating systems. Characteristic of this virus is not made with programming languages ​​like computer virus in general, because the virus is spread through Miscosoft Word.

5. Melissa 
First discovered in 1999. The Melissa virus was created by David L. Smith. This virus spreads via email, oracle with the same basic program with Microsoft Word macro virus. This virus can be regarded as the most powerful global infection. Because the Melissa virus is an email-bulk malware that has infected 20 percent of computers worldwide. As a result, email servers around the world are forced to shut down to prevent the spread of the virus.

Occurs in 2003, this worm virus exploits security holes on SQL servers made by Microsoft that causes the weakening of the Internet network in the rest of the world, as well as make down hundreds of ISP networks around the world. This virus had time to create a crash ATM Bank Crush American service, the destruction of 911 seattle service, and Continentel Airlines canceled several flights due to error cekin and ticketing. Even in Indonesia, at least 6 ISP network paralyzed Slammer. Including network owned by Telkom Multimedia which is widely used by ISP-ISP in Indonesia. The loss is estimated at US $ 750 million due to this virus.

7. Cabir
Cabir virus was the first cell phone virus to be found, the virus was detected on June 15, 2004 and known as Cabir.A. Since then, there have been many variants of the viral virus. Until the end of 2004 has found 9 variants of the virus cabir. The virus spreads through Bluetooth and attacks the Symbian operating system.

8. Leap
Also known as Leap-A / Oompa- A is the first virus to attack the Mac OS operating system. The virus is spread by entering through iChat with JPEG format, sending all messages to all contacts in iChat.

9. Worm Storm
This virus was discovered in 2007. Storm Worm is a nickname given by the company F-Secure in Finland. The virus is spread via email with the title 230 dead as storm betters Europe. Storm worm is a trojan virus that makes computers send spam emails automatically. Storm worms accounted for 8% of global malware infections.

10. Koobface
Appeared in 2008, Koobface is the first malware virus to attack facebook. It is estimated that 120 million facebook users are attacked by this virus that uses the messaging media of social networking sites to infect the user's computer. On the infected computer, the virus will try to find sensitive information such as credit card numbers or others.

11. Conficker
Can also be called kido virus or Win32 / Conficker.C. Viruses that had mengguncanggan this world has infected about 10 million kompter, and experts say there are about 350 million computers potentially attacked this virus. So much the threat posed by this virus to the point that one of the show at TV stadium Indonesia MetroTV, had discussed about this Conficker virus. This virus has infected companies, home users and governments in more than 200 countries. It seems the main target of this virus is Microsoft's largest software company. Because this virus causes closed access internet users to download on the Microsoft site. This virus can break internet access, very sophisticated and difficult to remove. Conficker virus is also spread and reproduce melaliu USB Flash Drive. But to mencengah spread to our computer can be done by turning off autorun on our computer, you can read how in my post about Preventing Virus With Deadly Features Autorun or Autoplay.

12. FakePlayer
This virus attacks the mobile operating system Android. As a trojan virus that spreads via SMS on Android phones.

13. Stuxtnet
Stuxnet is the beginning of cyber war on the internet. This type of malware virus appeared in mid-2010 that attacked Supervisory System Control and Data Acquisition, or SCADA. According to the latest info I get, US President Barack Obama is behind the making of this virus. Initially the US created this virus to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. After attacking the facility, the virus is then spread and cause chaos in the internet network all over the world. Finally, the impact of the attack on Iran facilities is smaller while the impact elsewhere is greater. One Symantec antivirus company mentions the virus is 50 times larger than normal computer vrus and they did not manage to find the source of the virus.

14. Duqu
This malware was discovered in early September 2011 lau. The virus is suspected to have something to do with the Stuxnet virus. The name Duqu is given by Boldizsar Hungarian researcher Bencsath from the CrySyS lab. This virus can rename the data files in the computer with the prefix "~ DQ".

15. Flame
It is regarded as the Highest Virus of the Year (2012), a highly sophisticated malicious program that is actively used as a cyber weapon to attack entities in several countries. The experts found the large virus was almost the same as Stuxnet, which was launched to attack Iranian computer officials but then spread around the world. And has been found to infect a number of computer systems in Middle Eastern countries such as Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. This malware is named "Flame" by the founder of Kaspersky Lab, this Flame itself has a spy function in the form of data theft in various ways and methods of controlled deployment. Flame is an attack toolkit that combines the backdoor, trojan, and worm properties so that it can copy itself over the network and external media if ordered by the manufacturer. Once inside the computer, this malware can run a series of spying and data theft activities, including recording keyboard keystrokes, recording user conversations via microphone, and taking screenshots when certain applications are run, such as instant messenger and Outlook. The way Flame infects computers is still unknown exactly, which is definitely through the security hole in the operating system.

That's the info on the 15 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Throughout History that has stirred global panic.

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