The router is a computer networking hardware that can be used to connect multiple networks of the same or different. A router is a device to transmit data packets over a network or the internet to be able to the destination, the process is called routing. The routing process itself occurs at layer 3 of the protocol stack OSI seven-layer. Routers are sometimes used to mengoneksikan 2 pieces of the network using different media, as well as from leading Ethernet to Token Ring. That is what the router.

The Router Function
Routers main function is to divide or distribute an IP address, either static or DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Procotol to all computers connected to the router. With the unique IP address of the router that is distributed to each computer can allow any computer to connect and communicate, be it on a LAN or the Internet.

At this time, the router device is more sophisticated and modern. To distribute IP addresses to each computer on a network, the router function not only can only connect with a LAN cable connection, but can with wireless technology. Thus, the router at this time can be connected to any computer, laptop, gadgets, smartphones are in range of the router. Simply by utilizing a radio wave emitted by the router. That is the function of the router.

The Workings Of The Router
Router works by routing a packet or data called the routing information. With the routing technique, the router can know the direction of travel information service that will be addressed, whether it be on the same network or different. If the information is intended to lead to a different network, the router will forward it to the network, otherwise if the packet destination is the same network, the router will block out the packet and forwards the packet to the routing in the same network sent to the destination.

The workings of the router can be seen in the image above. In the picture above there are two network that is connected to a router. Network located on the left side which is connected to port 1 routers have the address and the network the right which is connected to port 2 router has the address

1. Computer A sends the data to a computer C, the router will not forward the data to the other network.
2. So, when when computer F sends the data to a computer E, the router will not forward the data packets to another network.
3. It was only when the computer F sends the data to a computer B, the router will forward data packets to a computer B.

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