Must have been the internet world surfers familiar with google. We know that Google is a giant company international level success with a variety of products that provide benefits to its users. Even google products capable of beating some products from Microsoft was recorded to be ranked number one according to Alexa ranking, followed by facebook. This ranking could still change in the future if nothing could exceed the superiority Google's products.

There are some Google products are most popular or widely used throughout the world as well as providing great benefits including the following:

1. OS (Operating System) Android
Who is not familiar with the OS (Operating System) Android is a mainstay of Google's products. Android at the peak of popularity as the OS (Operating System) samartphone most widely used today. Android was originally developed by Android, Inc., with financial support from Google in the development and research OS (Operating System). And then purchased in 2005, this operating system was officially released in 2007. Android smart phone market share global terms, led by the Samsung products With a percentage of 64% in March 2013. Android provides a great influence in all fields ranging from education, economy and business community, including providing business opportunities for startup world through applications that can be downloaded via the Android.

2. YouTube
YouTube is a web video this biggest world, arguably already influencing human life, including making young people more creative with VLOG (Video Blog), music, as well as in the field of economics to education. In its development, Youtube can generate income by placing ads be given by Google in the video that we uploaded on the channel that has been created.

3. Google search (Search Engine Google)
Since emergence google search already attracted much attention of Internet users in the world. Until finally able to beat other search engine like yahoo, bing (search from microsoft), and others. Google Search was originally are giant company's back bone is starting a garage with hard work and effort that produces results up to introduce new products and features are also attracted much attention of Internet users such as gmail and others. Google Search continues to change for the convenience of its users in searching for data and information such as articles or images quickly and multiple references. When compared to other search engines is currently the best google search with data quality and diversity of information quickly and many.

4. Google Chrome
A web browser with fastest browser superiority as it was introduced in 2008. Chrome competing with predecessors such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and Opera. Chrome has now become one of the major browsers for Internet users around the world, the article in addition to speed, also has many features that can be applied on this browser. In addition, the chrome has now become the main alternative in a mobile browser, especially for android users.

5. Gmail (Google E-Mail)
Gmail is currently becoming one of the options in sending and receiving electronic mail in addition to Hotmail, Yahoo mail and AOL mail. Even Gmail becomes the main condition for android users and lovers youtube. Only with one gmail account we could have a Youtube account and download android applications. In 2004, Google disclosed that the company is not content with just dominating internet search. Google wants to solve the largest online services on the Internet via e-mail. To that end, Google announced to test Web-hosted e-mail service called Gmail.

Gmail started out as an internal Google e-mail services. At first, the only way to get a Gmail account is to accept invitations from others. Almost three years after it announced Gmail, Google open access to the public. Now anyone can create a Gmail account. Gmail organize your messages into "conversations." If someone sends you a message and we respond, Gmail will present two messages together in a pile. E-mail the original will be above and your answer will appear below. The latest message will appear below the original, so they do not take up too much space on the screen. By grouping messages and responses together, Gmail allows users to keep track of several discussions at once.

6. Google Drive
Google Docs includes a word processor such as Word, spreadsheet editor and presentation applications. In short, he has a basic software applications that many companies need. Google provides a solution for storing and making files or personal Integration in Google Doc. But this time Google Doc has changed its name to Google Drive are largely the same as the Google Doc application but adds a few other features. Features of Google Drive is the ability to share documents and editing capabilities with other Google users. Multiple people can edit the same document at the same time. With Google Drive, everyone can make his changes directly to files stored on Google servers. Google Drive into a data storage solution on a large scale in the google servers, so that the hard disk is no longer needed. However, the security of data must still be noted for its users.

7. Google Map
Google Map introduced in 2005, and in 2008, Google provides an interesting feature that people can search an area or point even the alley leading to a house just with google map, especially google map able to show which way that can be passed to the desired place. Not only that, google map shows the location where we be so people can easily find out where we are. Applications have dominated the google map application in view the world easily. We can see parts of the world in various countries with quite stunning.

8. Blogger (Blogspot)
This application became number one in the world of blogging. Even lately user blogs have proliferated and so the application is able to boost the popularity of a company using the blogger tenanga in promoting your company or product through a blog contest. Blogger is currently competing with wrodpress. each has its superiority, but with the convenience and variety of applications provided in the blogger makes the blogger as a ngblog most popular. Even a blogger blogspot users become champions TIME magazine's best bloggers. The most interesting thing is earning revenue from the blogger.

9. Google Plus
With the increasing popularity in the world of social networks like facebook and twitter. Google does not want to lose by releasing a product called Google Plus. Google product this time was successful by providing ease of someone as a writer to pass it on to people around the world. Google plus now it still has not been beat facebook, but predictable google plus can undermine triumph facebook because google plus has features that attract many people. In Indonesia alone, google plus not so well known, but people are already aware of its existence.

10. Google Earth
Applications google earth become one of the best in the condition of the earth throughout the country. Even today google earth to show the underwater world. like his thing Google map. Google calls Geotagging namely how to connect information to real world locations. You see geotag information on a map. Google Earth gives users a choice, from the satellite imagery of the planet to overlay maps, three-dimensional terrain features and cityscapes. Google Earth also allows developers to create applications to link information to specific locations in the world. Users can choose to view the geotag information ranging from general news to report adjusted data. Google Earth enables to describe the news in a new way. For example, a news agency to describe the story of forest fires with plotting the damage area on Google Earth.

10. Google Adsens
Google adsense is a very attractive feature because it provides a solution for Internet users to reach the dollar through advertising provided by Google that can be installed in a website or blog. Has many people who already use it as the main or a side business in addition to managing a website.

11. Google Adwords
Google Adwords is a place we can put advertising products owned separately distributed to all Internet users in the world. More well-known and certainly more rewarding when people see our products and then buy it. Everyone is allowed to advertise on google with through Google Adwords by paying a few dollars in accordance with our wishes.

12. Google Analytics
One of the things that became the foundation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to have a webmaster and application analysis website or blog. One can see the performance of the website or blog that is held to further develop and improve the quality and everything through the records and analysts employed by google.

13. Google Webmaster
The explanation is not much different from the Google Analytics due for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

14. Google Trends
Google Trends, it is very important for SEO webmasters, website owners and bloggers. Its presence provides important information and news articles seuptar most popular in every country which becomes the benchmark for sebagain many bloggers, journalists.

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