HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is one of the hardware of a computer that has a primary function as data storage. Without a computer HDD will not work because HDD as a storage software OS (Operating System), storing the data processing software, and so forth. Manufactured HDD with varying capacities and with a high rotational speed. HDD capacity on the market, among others: 535 Mb, 10 Gb, 20 Gb, 40 Gb, 80 Gb, 320 Gb, 500 Gb, 1 Tera, and the number is growing its capacity. Rating provided also vary, such as 12 V - 0.3 A, 5 V - 0.5 A DC; 12 V - 280 mA, 5 V - 400 mA DC, and others.

In development now, there is in the form of a portable HDD that we often called external HDD or HDD expansion. Some brands HDD already provide additional data back up system for comfort and ease of use external HDD or HDD expansion.

Important components found on a HDD, among others :

1. Platter
This component serves as a data storage and a disc or plate of round shape and has a magnetic pattern on the face side.

2. Spindel
Platter placed on a shaft called a spindle. It has a drive shaft that serves to rotate the plate HDD, the faster the rotation, means HDD the better.

3. Head
Head serves to read the data on the plate surface and recording the information therein. An electromagnetic device that is placed on the surface plate and attaches to a slider that is attached to a shaft which is mounted permanently.

4. Logic Board
Functioning as controller boards. Duty to communicate any necessary exchange of information between the components of the HDD with the components of the computer to another.

In HDD also contained a series of several electronic components such as IC, resistor, capacitor, and so on.

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