The motherboard is one of the most important components on the computer. Its function as the central governing will work on all components as well as data traffic between components, such as hard disk, keyboard, mouse, and so on.

So all components of the computer connected to the motherboard, both the components inside the casing and which is outside the casing. Motherboard stood up several integrated components such as socket processor, socket RAM, AGP slot, PCI slot, CMOS battery, socket IDE, floppy socket port and external components. The components work together in carrying out the task of processing and controlling computer hardware in the motherboard.

The motherboard also assembled from electronic components such as IC, capacitor, resistor, transistors diode, toroid, and so forth. Capacitor are used among other types of tantalum and electrolytes. While diode that is widely used is the zener diode and diode rectifier.

Moderboard circuit is very sensitive for computer peripherals for frequent leaks in the resistor. One cause leaking of these components is a change in the content of programs entered on the computer.

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