Random Access Memory (RAM)
RAM has a long name Randomr Access Memory. RAM is the inner memory of the CPU, for putting away information program and program result. RAM use in hardware gadgets that require impermanent capacity. With the goal that perusing or composing information while that would be lost if the electronic gadgets is killed.

RAM are one fringe that capacity supporting processor speed and as spot keeps all information on electronic gadgets up to accessible electric flow. Anyway in such practices will be not quite the same as each other. Depend limit, type and Slam brand.

Electronic segment that used to cause RAM to contain IC (Integrated Circuit), capacitor and some other as it. Harm that frequently occurs on RAM segment foot. Indeed, even sticks that frequently scraped not working because of the association with motherboard flawed.

RAM can keep every approaching datum on gadgets with brief and can hurry processor employment process. So with RAM reason huge limit will smooth performing various tasks strolling program at PC or gadgets.
RAM has two type :
1. Static RAM (SRAM)
2. Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

Static RAM (SRAM)
Word Static indicates that the memory holds its contents during electricity continues to run, not like dynamic RAM (DRAM) that need to be refreshed periodically. This is because SRAM is designed using the transistor without a capacitor. Absence of capacitors making no power leaking so that SRAM does not require periodic refresh. SRAM is also designed using design cluster of six transistors to store each bit of information.

This design makes SRAM is more expensive but also faster than DRAM. Physically chip, chip SRAM  pemanufakturan costs approximately thirty times larger and more expensive than DRAM. But SRAM should not be confused with read only memory and flash memory, because it is a volatile memory and holds data only when electricity continue to be given. Random access indicates that the location in memory can be accessed, read or written in a fixed time not considering the location of the address data in memory. SRAM chips are commonly used as cache memory, it is mainly due to the speed. Currently SRAM access time can be obtained with two nano-seconds or less, approximately able to offset the processor speed of 500 MHz or more.

For a discussion this types SRAM differentiated by the type transistor and function.

Type SRAM by type transistor
1. Bipolar (now not much use: consume a lot of electricity, but very fast)
2. CMOS (the most common type)

Type SRAM by type function
1. Asynchronous
2. Synchronous

Characteristic of the Static RAM (SRAM)
1. It has long life
2. There is no need to refresh
3. Faster
4. Used as cache memory
5. Large size
6. Expensive
7. High power consumption

Dynamic RAM (DRAM)
DRAM, unlike SRAM, must be continually refreshed in order to maintain the data. This is done by placing the memory on a refresh circuit that rewrites the data several hundred times per second. DRAM is used for most system memory because it is cheap and small. All DRAMs are made up of memory cells which are composed of one capacitor and one transistor.

Characteristics of the Dynamic RAM
1. It has short data lifetime
2. Need to be refreshed continuously
3. Slower as compared to SRAM
4. Used as RAM
5. Lesser in size
6. Less expensive
7. Less power consumption

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