Smartphones and Internet data is already a package, they seem inseparable. Both are also growing rapidly. Even new smartphones now have high specs that even exceed laptop specifications. The presence of 4G LTE service in Indonesia also makes internet speed increases faster.


One of the problems often faced by smartphone users is running out of internet quota that we often experience. Internet data plan that should be active for one month, quota runs out in 2-3 weeks only. It can even run out in just a few days without us guessing it's up.

Smartphone without the internet can indeed make a dead style, we would not want to have to buy internet data packets again. Because of the high Internet needs, be it for communication, work, or entertainment such as playing online games, and streaming music or video. So that the incident runs out of internet quota does not happen again, following explanation of things or habits that can make our internet data packets quickly run out.

1. Streaming Music and Video
The first habit to spend internet quota is the activity of streaming music and video. What's more recently there are various latest apps. Where can you stream new movies or popular TV series like Arrow, The Flash, or Super Girl on the smartphone screen. Not to mention the habit of watching videos on Youtube.

Streaming music and video is the service that most spend internet data quota. But how else, at least we have to learn to manage data wisely. For example by purchasing unlimited data packets, or packet data quota night provided by the operator.

2. Social Media Application
The question is how much social media we use? Many not, there are Instagram, Facebook, Path, Tinder, and Twitter. Then how active are we? Only God and self know.

Well social media application is also one of the activities that wasteful quota. What else if check-in momentarily, post, or just check the timeline. Social media application is fun, but do not let ya lose the warmth of togetherness with family or friends because you preoccupation update in social media. For you who want to stay connected despite poor quota, you can install Opera Max, which can magically save significant data usage. One of them by way of compressing images displayed in social media applications.

3. Video Call
Not much different from social media, doing video calls via LINE or Skype, can also speed up the quota. So make a voice call only, can through BBM or WhatsApp. Make video calls at certain times only, if our internet quota is limited.

4. Online Game
More and more Android games that require you to play online, call it Mobile Legends, Mobile Arena, and other online games. What makes a wasteful quota is when the game performs automatic data updates inside the app. It's a good idea to pick and choose a good online game and friendly data.

5. Auto Update App in Play Store
The next extravagant data activity is auto update app in Play Store and auto update of Android system software. Average smartphone users use more than 20 apps, and regular Android apps get updates. Can you imagine how much internet data is drained?

To work around this we can manage app updates on the Play Store and manually update Android software. We can update if connected WiFi only.

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