Untuk lebih jelas tentang geografi maka kita harus tahu konsep apa yang ada di geografi. There are ten basic concepts of geography, is as follows:
  1. The Concept of Agglomeration
    Distribution geography symptoms clustered somewhere because there are favorable factors. For example, people usually stay live in the lower mainland are lush.
  2. The Concept of Differentiation Area
    The big difference in the characteristics of a region and another
  3. The Concept of Integration and Interdependence
    The events are interconnected and affect salaing natural phenomena. For example: the interaction and interdependence between climate and life of the population.
  4. The Concept of Distance
    In connection with the achievement of a location and some distance between one place to another.
  5. The Doncept of Affordability
    The availability of infrastructure in order to achieve a region. For example, transport in the lower mainland easily than in the mountains.
  6. The Concept of Spatial Linkages
    The relationship between the geographic distribution of symptoms in a place with other symptoms.
  7. The Concept of Location
    A very important concept in geography. This concept is twofold :
    • The Relative Location
      Location based on the circumstances surrounding area
    • The Absolute Location
      Location based on latitude and longitude
  8. The Concept of Morphology
    Concepts related to relief (shape of the earth's surface) are different so its usefulness is different
  9. The Concept of Utility Value
    The value associated with the benefits of the phenomenon exists. For example, a tourist area for tourists is a place of recreation, but for merchants is a profitable place to trade.
  10. The Concept of Pattern
    In connection with the spread of the phenomenon of settlements, rivers, soil type, and the development of the city.

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