laptops, notebooks, netbooks and other gadgets
Among us there must be experiencing laptops, notebooks, netbooks and other gadgets are often hot in extended use with a variety of activities. Then often some people blame the brand, and actually it is in because of other things that are not understood by the user. Here are some suggestions that can be used to prevent or reduce the impact of heat that produced the laptop.
  1. Do not turn on the laptop in place with a soft surface such as on the bed or on the lap. This will cause the air circulation is not smooth so that air out hampered
  2. Cleaning of laptop hardware components for air circulation in and out can be maximized cooling the laptop hardware components
  3. Thermal paste check whether it is dry or wet. If it is dry it should be done in order to substitute the heat is delivered out of the laptop processors smoothly.
  4. If you are gamers, set the length of time to play your game. For prolonged use of laptops can cause hot fast laptop. This can protect you because the LCD, LCD is one of the most vulnerable parts of the heat.
  5. Avoid a closed room or a room air circulation is not good. Sebainya, use your laptop in the air-conditioned room or in the open
  6. Should not overclock with software from the outside because it can cause hardware components to work excessively, causing the laptop is hot
  7. Use a cooling pad for more leverage in cooling laptop.
  8. Clearing the ventilation holes on the laptop of dust for air circulation smoothly. Could use a mini vacuum cleaner or compressor.

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