Surely among us is no stranger to google adsense and there is good news from Google. Some time ago 5th of July, 2017 Google introduced the latest Google Adsense ad format, the Adsense Native Ads. According to a statement from Google Adsense, this series of ad formats is designed to match the look and feel of a site or blog that will ultimately provide a better user experience for your website visitors.
Layout Google Adsense Native Ads

With the launch of Google Adsense Native Ads shows that Google wants to fix a major weakness in mobile advertising. Google is constantly innovating to help and meet publishers' needs and we expect Google's innovation to continue.

What Native ADS?

Native Meaning in Indonesian is original, and when associated with advertising then the native advertising is the original advertising advertising type of ad appropriate to the form and platform where the ad is displayed or aired.

This native ad is divided into 3:
  1. In-Feed ads 
  2. In-Article ads
  3. Matched Content

These three types of ads can be used simultaneously or can stand on their own. This new ad format is designed to:
  • Improve user experience on blogs: appear naturally on your site and use high-quality advertiser elements, such as high-resolution images, longer titles and descriptions, which will enhance a more engaging experience for visitors to a website.
  • Better look and feel across different screen sizes: ads are made to look appealing on mobile, desktop, and tablet.
  • Ease of use: easy-to-use editing tools help you make your ads look better on website

Native In-feed Unlock New Revenue Opportunities From Website Feeds

This Google Adsense ad format is available to all publishers, an In-feed ad slot will appear neatly inside the feed on the website, for example in a list of articles or products on the website. This ad is very easy to set to match the look and feel of the content in the feed section of the website.

Native In-article Offers Better Advertising Experience

The native in-article ad format is available for all publishers. As the name suggests, native in-article will appear inside the article's content page on the website. Optimized by Google to help advertise that will look better among page content page paragraphs.

Native in-article ads use high-quality advertising elements and offer a better reading experience to website visitors.

Matched Content Directing More Readers to Website Content

Matched Content is only available to publishers who meet the eligibility criteria. Matched Content is a content recommendation tool that helps promote website content to visitors and potentially increases revenue, page views, and time within a website.

Publisher eligible for the "Allow Ads" feature can also display relevant ads within Matched Content units, thereby generating additional revenue opportunities in from this feature.

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