The soil is an important natural resource and is needed by all living things. Without the land, there would be no life on Earth, especially on land. Soil is also an excellent medium for growing plants or plants. Different soil types will also affect the fertility of planted crops. But even so, the soil is still a very good planting medium, of course, by mixing it with some materials that can fertilize plants, such as organic fertilizer, and so forth. In addition to being a good planting medium, there are more functions or benefits owned by soil.
Soil Function for Plants
On this occasion we will discuss the functions of soil for plants / plants, especially as a growing medium for plants. The function or benefits of this land will certainly make us more aware of the importance of land and the importance of providing empty land to be planted by trees or plants. Here is a benefit or function of land for plants / plants as a medium of planting:

1. Place to grow and develop roots
The function or benefit of the soil for the first plant is the land as a place to grow and the root of the development of rooting. In this function, the soil has two main roles, ie as a supporter of the growth of the trubus or the top of the plant, and as an absorber for the substances required by the plant.

2. Provider Of Primary Plant Needs
Not only humans who learn needs and have primary needs. But all living things also have their own primary needs, not to mention plants. Soil is a medium that provides the primary needs of plants to perform their metabolic activities, both during growth and for production.

Some of the primary needs of plants provided by the soil, including water, air, and other nutrients.

3. Provider Of Secondary Plant Needs
In addition to having primary needs, it turns out that plants also have secondary needs. Secondary needs of these plants or plants with the aim that the plant can perform its activities optimum. Some of the ingredients that support plant activities to run optimally include additives produced by biota, especially by soil microflora such as:

  • Growth promoting substances (hormones, vitamins and organic acids typical),
  • Antibiotics and also toxins are useful as anti-plant diseases that exist in the soil, as well as
  • Compounds or enzymes useful in the provision of primary needs or the transformation of external toxin substances such as pesticides and hazardous industrial wastes.

As A Habitat Of Soil Biota
The function of soil as a habitat of this soil biota either positive because it is directly or indirectly involved in the provision of primary and secondary needs of the plant, or that is negative because it is a pest disease in plants.

These are some of the functions or benefits of soil that plants can feel. Soil is a very vital thing for plants. Without the soil, plants will be very hard to live and grow. Recently in the world of agriculture or plantation has developed new growing and growing media by not using the soil or its elements. However, believe that the plant will be better if planted by using the soil, considering the soil is not only as a medium of planting and growing, but the soil can also protect plants from various pests.

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