The atmosphere is a layer of gas that blankets a planet from its surface until the planet is far out of space. The layer of atmosphere that envelopes the earth is called the Earth's atmosphere. The atmosefer has many layers that comprise the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the thermosphere and the exosphere. Each layer has its own functions and benefits for the survival of living beings on earth. Earth's atmosphere has a thickness of more than 500 km from the earth's surface. The atmosphere that enveloped the earth is composed of various gases that cover and envelop the earth. The compositions that make up an Earth's atmosphere include nitrogen, oxygen, argon. Carbon dioxide, methane, helum, hydrogen, xenon, ozone and neon. The largest atmospheric gas, nitrogen, reaches 78.08%. While the second largest is oxygen of 20.95%. Other constituents such as argon are 0.93%, carbon dioxide is 0,035%, methane is 0.00017%, helium is 0.0005%, hydrogen is 0,00005%, xenon is 0,000009%, ozone is 0,000004 % And neon as much as 0.00185.
One of the atmospheric layers is the troposphere. The troposphere is the layer of atmosphere closest to the earth and occupies the lowest layer of the atmosphere. Troposphere has a thickness of about 16 km on the equator, while the pole thickness reaches 7-8 km. The average thickness of the troposphere layer of the earth's surface is 11 km. In this troposphere layer the occurrence of symptoms and weather phenomena such as clouds, rain, lightning, fog and other natural phenomena. The air temperature in this troposphere layer reaches -60 C.

This tropospheric layer has benefits for the earth and life in the earth. Some of the benefits of troposphere are:

1. Occurrence of Weather
The troposphere layer is the only atmospheric layer that can cause weather and natural phenomena that exist in the earth such as rain, wind, land, sea breeze, clouds, lightning, fog and other natural phenomena. Humans and living things that exist on earth know the weather on this earth by looking at the troposphere layer from the surface of the earth. With the weather and other phenomena that humans know and help humans to perform various activities on earth. A fisherman and a sailor will be very helpful in doing their activities in sailing to see the weather and climate that occurred on earth.

2. Is The Water Steam Coat
This layer is a layer of water vapor that is necessary for the benefit of human life. Other atmospheric layers do not contain water vapor. The temperature on the troposphere surface is low. The low temperature in this tropospheric layer causes water vapor can not penetrate higher atmospheric coatings. The water vapor in this layer will soon undergo condensation before it reaches the tropopuse then it will fall back again to earth in the form of another earth structure that is liquid that we call rain and can also be in solid form called snow or ice. Snow or ice can reach the Earth only on certain parts of the earth as in the north pole and the countries that are around the north pole of the earth.

3. Where it rains
Rain is very useful for human life on earth. The process of the occurrence of rain is one source of water that is very useful for existing life on earth. Humans, animals and plants need water to live their lives. Humans use water for various daily needs. From the start of waking activity until will carry out sleep again water can not be separated from human life. Just like humans, plants and animals also need it for survival on earth.

4. Air Resources Needed For Life
This layer is the layer that contains the most carbon dioxide is much needed for the survival of living things on earth and is a public space for life. Humans need oxygen to breathe and plants need carbon dioxide to breathe life. This troposphere layer is the layer containing the most carbon dioxide.

5. Layer of Aircraft Flight
The airplanes flew over the troposphere. Aircraft now has made it easier for humans to travel long distances to various countries with a short time and a comfortable place through the air path through the troposphere layer.

So are some of the benefits of the troposphere layers that make up the atmosphere on our earth. Keep the atmospheric layers on our earth in order to be useful and protect us from dangerous objects and events that can harm our earth. Protecting this atmospheric layer can be done by starting from the small things of ourselves so as to set an example to others.

Small things we can do such as reducing the use of perfume with a spray that can damage the earth's atmosphere if many who do and use perfume with a spray. From small things then we can save the earth and our atmosphere from damage. Let's keep our earth together for the sake of common safety.

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