External Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
The need for an external Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for laptop users is increasingly increasing. This is of course masterminded by the limited capacity of internal hard disk inside the laptop. Especially hard disk in the laptop is also more difficult to replace than the hard disk for PC.

However, choosing the best external hard disk is not an easy thing because you have to really pay attention to its quality so as not to be easily damaged. So what things should be considered when choosing a good external hard disk?

10 Tips Choosing External Hard Disk Drive
For those of you who want to buy the best external hard disk, in this time article JalanTikus review tips on choosing the best external hard disk so as not to be damaged quickly.

1. System Operation
OS X and Windows operating systems use different system files (HFS + and NTFS) so most manufacturers also create custom external HDDs for both platforms.

Although OS X can read files on NTFS hard disk format, but you can not edit or write in it. Therefore, make sure in which operating system the hard disk will be used.

2. Capacity
To find out how much hard disk space you need, try using this easy calculation: A 500 GB hard disk will hold about 100,000 photos taken with a 6 MP camera and 125 thousand songs with 128 Kbps MP3 quality. Higher quality photos and music will of course require greater capacity.

From these estimates you should be able to calculate how much capacity you need so you do not buy a hard disk with a capacity lower than the requirement. Meanwhile, if you have more money, then it is advisable to buy an external hard disk with a large enough capacity because of course you will need someday.

3. Rotation speed
The next thing to note is the rotational speed of a hard disk disk. The reason, it is affect the speed of writing and reading data.

A rotating hard disk at a speed of 7200 RPM will deliver a much better performance than a 5400 RPM hard disk. Even some of the latest hard disks are now capable of spinning at 10,000 RPM.

4. Connectivity
Once you have determined the capacity and speed of your hard disk, it is time to determine how the hard disk is connected to the computer. Currently most hard disks use a USB port to connect to a computer, which consists of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. USB 3.0 is capable of delivering speeds of 5 Gbps which is much faster than USB 2.0 of 480 Mbps. Interestingly, USB 3.0 also can still be used on computers that only have USB 2.0 port.

There is also a hard disk that uses a connection through the port thunderbolt is capable of delivering data speeds twice as fast as USB 3.0. All the latest laptops and computers from Apple already provide thunderbolt ports, and some Windows laptops have also started providing them. Unfortunately, the price of hard disk with thunderbolt connection is still very expensive for now.

5. Hard Disk Protector
The next thing to note is the cover cover of the external hard disk. If you only use it at home or simply taken to school, then enough hard disk with ordinary protector because the price is cheaper.

But if you are an adventurer, then of course you should choose a lightweight Hard Disk and also have a strong protective material of rubber or the like so that the hard disk is not easily damaged when hit or hit by shocks.

6. Features
The last thing you should look for when selecting an external hard disk is its features. Some features that must exist on a hard disk include backup and password protection. There are also various other features that you can customize to your needs.

7. Warranty
Warranty is one of the things to watch out for when purchasing an external hard disk. We will never know when our external hard drive is damaged. By having a long warranty period, of course you need not be afraid when damaged on external hard disk.

8. After Sales
After Sales or service place is also something you should look for next before buying an external hard disk. Buying an external hard disk from a large manufacturer, you can easily service when the external hard disk is damaged.

9. Hard Disk Size
One reason many people buy an external hard disk is because of its small size. If you buy an external hard disk that large size, would be inconvenient for you when you want to access it.

What's more, large-size external hard disks usually require their own power when they want to turn it on. The size of the external hard disk recommended for you to buy is 2.5 ".

10. Price
Another factor you should look into before purchasing an external hard disk is the price. Each external hard disk has a different price. External hard disks with a size of 1 TB are usually sold at prices ranging from 800 thousands. As for the size of 2 TB or above, usually sold at a price above 1 million.

That's how to choose the best external hard drive for you who want to buy it. If there are other tips, do not forget to share in the comment field. Good luck!

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