Mouse with the scroll button in the middle must be familiar with our life. But in addition to circled alias in-scroll, this button can also be pressed. But we do not know what the middle button is and what's the effect if pressed?
Caution do not use any mouse if we do not know the consequences. We might lose something. But it turns out the middle mouse button is not just a decoration. Here are 7 functions of the middle button on the mouse that we may not know.

1. Open New Window
The middle button can be used to open new windows from various programs or folders in the taskbar. Just point to one of the programs in the taskbar and press the center button.

2. Close Window
In addition to opening a new window, the middle button is also useful to close a window in the program being opened. We just point ours mouse to the program in the taskbar, until the preview appears. Keep pressing the middle button in one of the windows to close it.

3. Open in New Tab
To open a link in another tab, usually people use right click, then select "Open link in new tab". This function can be run only by pressing the middle button. This function can be done with various browsers, such as Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer or other browsers.

4. Open All Tab Bookmark
If in we bookmarks bar there are many links that we save in the folder, would be bothered if we have to open it one by one? Open it all wear the middle button of ours mouse.

5. Close Tab
If we are opening multiple tabs, usually the x button to close the tab will hide. But we can use the middle button to close one of the tabs in the browser.

6. Mempercepat Scroll
We can speed up the scroll on a Web or when we open Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Reader and so on. Press the middle mouse button, then will appear 4 direction. We just move the mousenya and automatically the movement will be faster.

7. Tombol Macro
If we are a Mouse user that has a Macro button. We can set the middle button to a variety of functions. Like Play / Pause songs, Next / Previous, take Screenshots and more. Macro Mouse commonly found in various Gaming Mouse.

That's part of the middle button function on the mouse. If any other functions mentioned above please add in the comments.

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