What is cache? cache is a memory or storage that is temporary and aims to speed up access to various applications that we often use on smartphones. So the cache will serve to speed up loading on an application without having to wait for a long time.

In addition to making smartphone applications run well it turns out the cache also has a bad impact, and one of the bad things is because without us knowing the internal memory will fill up fast. The larger the size of the application the greater the storage is drained by the cache. Well for more knowledge can refer to the following reviews!
  1. Our smartphone will of course be faster. As already explained above that the cache drain the internal memory of the smartphone without us knowing it, so by removing it our memory capacity will increase.
  2. Clearing the cache will make the application restart as it was when you initially installed, so if the application is often an error like a standstill or LAG will recover.
  3. Do not be afraid to clear the cache for fear that all the stored data will be deleted and lost. If you are one of the users who have experienced it, in this article the fact is that the cache is just a garbage, so you will never lose any data after performing a cache removal. So do not need to worry.
  4. The cache will also return from the start and will cause the application loading to take longer. But do not worry because the actual problems that will appear this is only temporary, although sometimes a little annoying because they have to wait more than usual.
  5. Maybe some of us do not believe about the problem of removing the cache which will also be related to the battery. The battery will quickly drain after clearing the cache is due to the system that opens from zero which certainly requires more power than to restart or access the memory that has been stored. That's why the battery will feel more drained after performing the cache removal.

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