Pizza is one of the foods that exist in Indonesian society. Large portions in accordance with the habits of Indonesian people who like to eat together. That's what makes pizza is often a choice when hanging out with family or friends.

When asked about the origin of pizza, most will answer the pizza comes from one European country, namely Italy. Yet the reality is not so. Pizza is famous in Italy, but not from there. Curious pizza actually coming from where? Read on this post.

The origin of pizza is still debated to this day. But according to the search, the origin of pizza may come from three countries, namely Egypt, Greece, and of course Italy.

We start from the first, the pizza comes from Egypt. This is expressed by Chef Endang Sunardi as Executive Chef Pizza Marzano at Citywalk, Sudirman, Central Jakarta, as quoted from Okefood.com, Thursday (07/04/2016)

"Once in Egypt, pizza is still very plain without taste. The shape is also still classic, still traditional, "he explained.

Egyptians consumed bread, he said, without using the yeast in it. "If in Egypt, the bread is really formed naturally. The goal is, bread is actually consumed by the body to be healthy because of the high nutritional factors for humans, "he continued.

The chef statement is also supported by the article on the site passion-4-pizza.com. The site mentions pizza originated in Egypt in the years before Christ, only the shape is not as we know it now, but just plain bread without topping.

Now we turn to the second possibility, the pizza comes from Greece. According to History, pizza was found in Greece in 600 BC. But then his name is still not pizza, but plakous. At that time, plakous is a bread that is added herb, oil and cheese.

Although it is known the possibility of pizza coming from Egypt and Greece, it is still unknown how pizza can be brought to Italy. Clearly, pizza then became popular folk food in Italy.

The word pizza comes from the ancient Italian word "pizzicare" which means "picking" which refers to the process of making pizza quickly picked from the oven. The term pizza was then inaugurated for the first time in Gaeta, Italy, in 997 AD.

Pizza itself has been a daily food in Italy for centuries, precisely since the Stone Age. The earliest form of pizza is raw toast under the flint stones and flavored with a variety of different toppings.

However, pizza breads with a flat shape appeared when people started using tomatoes as toppings, when tomatoes were first brought to Europe in the 16th century. Residents in the poorer areas of Naples are accustomed to making pizza with tomatoes. In ancient times, Naples still entered the Roman Empire, so you could say the pizza also comes from Rome.

In the 18th century pizza dishes gained popularity and became a tourist attraction so many visitors went to the poorer areas of the city to try the local pizza of the area.

Although pizza is a common-born food born in the suburbs of Naples, in northern Italy, around the 1720s, it is also popular among the kingdom. With the reason for not reducing the authority of the kingdom, at that time the Queen even forbade pizza entering the palace and forbade the nobles to eat it. But secretly King Ferdinand I (1751-1825) just loved it. Until he must disguise himself as a commoner and secretly visit a slum to get it.

While the modern pizza with the form and type of toping that is common today is mostly associated with a baker named Raffaele Esposito of Naples, which has a restaurant called Pizzeria di Pietro. In 1871, he prepared what he called "pizza" especially to entertain the visit of Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita.

Although still debated, now you know the history of pizza that was not originated from Italy. Hopefully this info useful.

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