Because of the need, many people today prefer laptops rather than PC. The reason is obvious because it is more practical and easy to carry anywhere. But apparently, it was found that laptops are much more problematic than PCs. So we can be vigilant, following the most frequent laptop problems.

1. Overheat Because No Treatment
Unlike PCs, laptops use a simple cooling system. For this reason, laptop cooling systems are very often problematic. Whether it's covered in dust, to dry thermal pasta and others. Solution:
  • Clean the laptop at least once a year.
  • Perform thermal pasta replacement at least once a year.
  • Do not use the laptop on the mattress, may block the fan intake.

2. Slow Because Hard Disk Performance Decreases
Laptops are practically easy to move around, but to move the laptop was no rule. Yes, you can not move the laptop on fire condition. Unless your laptop is already using flash memory or SSD. Solution:
  • Replace the hard disk to SSD or flash memory.
  • Do not use laptop on mattress or other sway surface.
  • Do not move the laptop in a lighted position.

3. Battery Quickly Due Drop Or Damaged
There is an issue in the community, where the laptop battery will be damaged if it is charged continuously. This is wrong, it actually makes the battery durable and already Jaka praktikan nearly 7 years. When it is charged and discharged many times, it reduces battery life. Solution:
  • Not too often charge and then loose continuously.
  • When the battery has been dropped, sparepartnya many in online stores at affordable prices.

4. Keyboard And Touch Pad Damage
Whether because of poor production or usage, the keyboard and touch pad on the laptop can be damaged at any time. The problem, many people are afraid to open the keyboard and touch pad on the laptop. Though only capital screwdriver and ATM card used, you can do it. Solution:
  • If the keyboard or touch pad is already damaged, sparepartnya many in online stores at affordable prices. 
  • Provide used screwdrivers and ATM cards, then check YouTube for how to disassemble the laptop. Dare, because the way is not as difficult as imagined.

5. Likes Dead or Total
The electronic name can be short or complete. This can cause your laptop likes to die suddenly, to experience total death. If you have this, frankly not much choice. Solution:
  • Sell broken to laptop technician.
  • Perform replacement laptop motherboard, but usually the price is quite expensive. The reason is because the CPU and GPU laptops merge with the motherboard.

To minimize laptop damage, the key is actually the care and usage. Proper care and usage, will make our laptop last for at least five years. Well, hopefully useful information ....

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