These days, hoaxes are often discussed in mass media and social media, because they are considered unsettling the public, with information that can not be ascertained the truth. Hoax is a word used to denote a false proclamation or attempt to deceive or outsmart the reader or listener to believe in something commonly used in internet forums. So what is a hoax and where is it from? Here's history from various sources.

According to Lynda Walsh in a book entitled "Sins Against Science", the term hoax or hoax, is a term in English that entered since the industrial era. It is estimated that it first appeared in 1808.

The origin of the word 'hoax' is believed to have existed hundreds of years earlier, the 'hocus' of the 'hocus pocus' spell, a phrase often referred to by magicians, similar to 'sim salabim'. The origin of this word is expressed by the British philosopher, Robert Nares.

Alexander Boese in his book, "Museum of Hoaxes", noted the first published hoax is a fake almanac or date made by Isaac Bickerstaff aka Jonathan Swift in 1709.

At that time, he predicted the death of the astrologer John Partridge. In order to convince the public, he even made a fake obituary about Partridge on the day that was foretold as the day of his death.

Swift fabricated that information to embarrass Partridge in the public eye. Partridge also stopped making astrological almanacs until 6 years after the hoaxes circulated.

So how does the term "hoax" become popular? This started since the screening of "The Hoax", starring Richard Gere in 2006. "The Hoax" is an American drama released in 2006. The film, directed by Lasse Hallstrom and the scenario by William Wheeler, is based on a book with the same title by Clifford Irving and focuses on Irving's own biography, as well as Howard Hughes considered help writing.

Many of the events Irving described in his book, were eventually changed or omitted in the film version, and the author later said, "I was hired by the producer as a film technical advisor, but after reading the last script I asked that my name be removed from the film credits. This is because the script plot does not match the original novel. "

Since then, the film "The Hoax" is considered a film that contains many lies, so then many circles, especially the netter who uses the term hoax to describe a lie.

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