The simplest definition of software is set of instruction dedicated for computer to perform a specific task. Software is developed while completing some dedicated tasks. These tasks can be completed by a sole person in case of small software and this can be completed by a team in case of large software or ERP software. Under discussion topic is not new for those who have understanding of software development and it is completely for those people who are new in software development field. The name of this development cycle is software development life cycle and the steps for the completion of this processes is given below.

Analyzing the System
This is the basic and initial step for software development. Like a new business; development of new software requires a complete and comprehensive plan. The persons that are involved in the software development are project managers,stakeholders and some of the senior software developers. Planning of software is a difficult task but experience can make it a little bit easy. This is the phase where information is gathered. Experts take less time than the new developers but there are some questions that are required to ask for development of a complete system. Various questions are asked to the clients to dish up the exact solution. Then it is analyzed either the solution of such questions is possible or not.

Design for a Software
In second phase, a complete and comprehensive design of a website is prepared. This design comprises on the documentation and result of the first phase. At this point the developers make a final decision about the hardware and software to complete the new project. This phase is concerned with the system architecture. This phase provides a foundation for the next phase.

Development Phase
In this phase developers starts writing a program by choosing some high level languages. All information of first two phases is used in this phase to develop a system. The system being developed will be capable to meet all the functional requirements. Once a system is completed, it is send to other department for testing purpose.

Testing Phase
In this phase it is checked either the program is performing the intended tasks or not. If any of the error is found in the software, it is sent to the developers to rectify the errors.

Deployment of the System
Once the system is developed and tested it is delivered to the client for deployment of the software in real time.

Maintenance of the System
In running software if any problem pops then client must consult the software development company to give the solution for this bug. This solution is free for committed time and later on it is often paid.

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